Diet to get pregnant with a boy

Diet to get pregnant with a boy

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The Baretta method It is a technique based on feeding the mother before pregnancy. The method, which is developed by Argentine biochemist Adriana Baretta, argues that the sex of the baby can be chosen based on the changes that a diet produces in a woman's cervical mucus, in a natural way.

According to the book 'Boy or girl? You can now choose ' (2006) the consumption of some minerals, such as Solium, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, can determine the sex of the woman's offspring. Baretta explains that the balance between these minerals changes a woman's mucous or cervical mucus pattern.

According to the Baretta method, there are some foods that promote the conception of a child. Eating plenty of certain foods and cutting back on others can help mothers conceive a boy. These changes in diet should be made some time before fertilization, to modify the metabolism of the woman and make it more receptive to Y (male) sperm.

The method focuses on the consistency of the woman's cervical mucus, the conductive medium for sperm on its way to the egg. Male sperm (with Y charge) are faster, smaller and more numerous, thus reaching the ovum earlier, although they live less time. They are favored by the alkaline environment and the female sperm, the saline one. Through diet you can modify this environment. This means that a high proportion of sodium and potassium in the diet, accompanied by a decrease in calcium and magnesium, favors the alkaline environment in the cervical mucus, which benefits sperm AND, that is, the conception of a child. .

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to consider that this type of diet should only be followed for a couple of months before conception and under strict medical supervision. Any such diet modification should be done under the supervision of a physician.

To conceive a child, biochemist Alejandra Baretta, advises that women follow the following diet:

- Foods rich in Sodium and Potassium. Avoid foods rich in Magnesium and Calcium.

- Meat or fish frequently. To choose between beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, ham and fish, whether fresh or frozen, even salted or smoked.

- Fresh fruits (especially bananas. One or two fruits a day

- Legumes and potatoes

- Olives (green or black)

- Mushrooms

- Coffee

- Drinks with gas or alcohol

- Packaged, canned or industrial foods

- Leafy vegetables

- Nuts

- Eggs (few)

- Mayonnaise

- Ice creams

- Cake shop

This method, according to Baretta, is only 98 percent reliable, that is, your child may be a girl despite following the diet.

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