Male fertility and sperm production

Male fertility and sperm production

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Semen is a whitish liquid that is expelled during ejaculation. Each cubic centimeter of semen contains millions of sperm and its objective is reproduction, since this fluid acts as a vehicle to transport the sperm to the female reproductive tract. Although during ejaculation, semen accompanies orgasm, erection and orgasm are controlled by different and independent mechanisms.

Currently, numerous articles have suggested that male sperm quality is declining and its impact on fertility is still unclear. The doctor Alberto Pacheco, director of the IVI Andrology Laboratory, points out in this interview exclusively given to our site that stress can affect the quality of semen and offers us some interesting tips to preserve fertility.

How do stress, anxiety, and psychological problems affect male reproduction?
It affects and, in an important way, certain individuals. The nervous system is closely related to the hormonal system of the male and the production of sperm depends to a great extent on the hormonal functions of the male, in such a way that stressful situations that involve nervous stress and that, in turn, hormonal stress they can alter or decrease sperm production.

What are the physical, anatomical, urological or other problems that most affect sperm production?
Multiple factors are involved. From the urological point of view, varicoceles, injuries that directly affect the testicles, inflammatory diseases and prostatitis. Any alteration that is close to the testicles and produces an inflammatory reaction can influence by inhibiting sperm production, for example, situations of fever, urinary infections or close to the testicle can directly affect sperm production.

What drugs should be taken care of so that they do not affect male reproductive capacity?
Medication side effects do not affect all patients, or to the same extent. Among these drugs, there are some such as the antibiotics (tetracycline, zentramycin or erythromycin) in common use, anabolics or drugs against hypertension (alpha blockers) that can affect the production of sperm in a sensitive way.

Eating healthy influences fertility. What healthy lifestyle habits can most promote sperm production?
Eat healthy through a Mediterranean diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits, which have a high content of antioxidants that are very beneficial for the production of sperm. In addition, there are other habits that can favor sperm production, such as eliminating tobacco or suppressing high doses of alcohol. Moderate and regular sports practice also favors this production.

The increased temperature of the testicles affects the production of sperm. If the man manages to lower the temperature of his scrotum, does it solve the problem or leave sequelae?
Temperature is one of the key factors in sperm production. There are certain habits such as wearing tight underwear, sitting for a long time, putting certain electrical devices such as a laptop on your lap, which can damage sperm production. This rise in temperature that alters sperm production is reversible. When we stop having that high temperature, a spermatogenesis cycle later, which lasts around two months, we can have normal sperm production again.

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