Heidi. Short stories for kids

Heidi. Short stories for kids

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Heidi was an orphan Swiss girl who for the first few years of her life had been under the care of her Aunt Dete. When she works, she had to leave the girl with an old woman who was practically deaf. One day, Dete had the opportunity to work in Frankfurt with a wealthy family, but since he could not carry Heidi, he decided to turn to the girl's grandfather, an old man who lived in the mountains near the town of Dorfli.

Grandpa reluctantly agreed to take care of Heidi, but Heidi's innocence and kindness captivated him so that his tough character eventually softened and he gradually began to accept the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreintegrating into society and leaving his hermit life.

In this new life for Heidi with her grandfather, everything was new for her. He learned to love nature, open fields, and animals. And he even made a friend, Pedro, a local shepherd who took the village goats to graze daily. After a while, Dete returned for Heidi to take her to Frankfurt, as the Sesseman family needed a girl to provide company for little Clara, a paralyzed girl who had to study at home with private teachers and had no contact with others. children.

Heidi's life in Frankfurt was gray, monotonous and full of rules that she did not understand or was interested in learning, which is the cause of frequent conflicts with Miss Rottenmeier, the Sessemans' governess and housekeeper. Clara and Heidi quickly became good friends, but Heidi missed her home so much that she became very homesick, so much so that Clara's father decided to send Heidi back to the mountains with her grandfather.

During Heidi's absence, the grandfather had understood the weight of loneliness, so when he returned he decided to go down to the village during the winter so that the girl could go to school and live with the other children.

Some months later, in the spring, Clara convinced her father to let her visit Heidi in the mountains. The care of Heidi and her grandfather, as well as the contact with nature, allowed Clara to regain enough confidence in herself to try to walk again. And so it was, Clara was finally able to walk again and with it surprise her father.

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