How to treat diaper rashes in baby

How to treat diaper rashes in baby

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The diaper area in babies It is a very delicate area and one that usually causes quite a few problems. Keep in mind that it is subjected to very hot temperatures and humidity, so it is easy to get skin infections from bacteria and fungi.

- The first and fundamental thing is to keep the area dry. Above all, you must be very careful with this at the times when it coincides with the dental eruption, since the pH of the stools can change and be more acidic and avoid prolonged contact of the stool with the skin. Sometimes it is convenient to change the diaper every 2-3 hours, even if there is no stool, to avoid humidity. Diapers should be of good quality and not too tight. If possible, it should be left without a diaper so that it is drier.

- A soap with acidic pH must be used, from trusted brands, from pharmacy, fragrance-free to avoid irritating the skin. Ah! It is very important to limit the use of hygienic wipes, which contain alcohol and / or soap, since by not rinsing afterwards they can leave the soap in contact with the skin and irritate even more. They should be left only to use them when we are away from home. In our house it is better to use a natural sponge with soap and water, and dry very well afterwards. If we use wipes for example to clean a stool, we must wash afterwards with soap and water.

- To dry the skin we must stretch it well to leave no moisture or soap in the folds of the baby's thighs, since if moisture remains, it can promote fungi and infections.

- Then we must apply a protective cream. As a general rule, it should be applied only in the folds, it is not necessary throughout the diaper area, or where the baby is most irritated. We can use a soft cream, to avoid chafing, and when it is already irritated use a cream with zinc oxide in high concentration, which will work as a drying agent. It is recommended to put a thin layer of cream so that the area is well oxygenated.

- In these cases it is also convenient change normal wipes with soap and alcohol for other oily, softer ones, with treating oils, which remove dirt without irritating and can even soothe the skin. They are not easy to find in pharmacies, but they are worth the search.

If it does not improve with this care, sometimes it is possible that it is a fungal superinfection, a candidiasis, for which we will have to use special antifungal creams (nystatin, clotrimazole or miconazole) that the pediatrician will prescribe.

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