Stages in baby's vision

Stages in baby's vision

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Can my baby see, how does he see during the first weeks? Is he able to recognize my face? These are very common questions among first-time parents, and it is that babies have spent 40 weeks in the semi-darkness that the mother's womb provides, so we understand that it is not easy to adapt to the clarity and tones of their new environment. Moreover, in the same way that they still cannot walk or speak, they have to train your vision so that it reaches its maximum development.

When a baby is born, his vision is not fully developed, so it is important that all stages of development take place in an appropriate way so that visual skills also develop accordingly. These are the stages in the baby's vision:

- The vision of the newborn baby is not sharp, but blurred and still does not see in color, his vision is black and white.

- From 3 or 4 months it begins to distinguish faces, begins to see reddish tones and little by little it will capture the rest of the colors.

- It is between 6 and 10 months, with the crawling stage, when the development of binocular vision begins, that is, the use of both eyes at the same time. During the floor stage, visual development is very important since it is when the child begins to get on all fours and start using focus and peripheral vision develops, because he no longer only has to be still in one place, but has to move around and therefore has to use other skills and other resources to be able to function adequately in his new environment. At this stage he also begins to develop hand-eye coordination and all these skills are completed at approximately 3-4 years.

- The eyes move thanks to the fact that we have many muscles and those muscles have to work in a coordinated and precise way, this development is completed around 5 or 6 years which is when the beginning of the reading begins.

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