What to do if your child is bullied at school

What to do if your child is bullied at school

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I don't think it's very difficult to understand that for a child being bullied at school can be a very difficult problem to cope with alone: name calling, teasing, cyberbullying and even physical bullying it is something that can happen every day in schools around the world. When a child is being bullied it is difficult to think of anything other than solutions and to stop immediately.

It is true that you can never prevent people from doing or saying bad things, but you can achieve that, in a way, your child can have control over the way he responds to bullies at school. Bullying is a real problem that must be solved both at school and in the family. But what should you do if your child is bullied at school?

1. Listen to what your child has to say. Knowing how to listen to your child is the fundamental piece as a parent, because it is the only way to know if your child is being bullied. Try to be their support but also be neutral while your child speaks, if you react inappropriately, your child may stop telling you what is happening to him.

2. Don't blame your child. Do not put the responsibility for what is happening to him, nor find a reason. There is no reason why it appears, nor is there an excuse. If you blame him for being the victim, it will only cause anxiety and he will not want to tell you what is happening to them.

3. Do not personalize what is happening to you. If you were bullied when you were little and your child is going through the same situation, it is likely to bring back painful memories. With this you can connect with your child to convey that you understand what is happening to him and how he feels, but the problem is not yours, it is your child's.

4. Don't retaliate against the bully or the family. As tempting as it may be for you, you should not take justice into your own hands and retaliate against the abuser or the family. You will have to be a good example for your child when it comes to solving problems. Retaliation will never help your child solve the problem or make your child feel better about himself. Take a deep breath and think about what you can do to help your child.

5. Teach your child strategies to cope with the problem. You will also have to teach your child how to deal with the problem, for example:

- Teach your child how to react to the bully.

- Tell him never to go alone.

- Always seek help from the adult.

- Get support.

- Teach your child to put words to what is happening to him.

- Help your child to get involved in other activities that interest him and strengthen his self-esteem.

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