What is oxytocin and what is it for in pregnancy

What is oxytocin and what is it for in pregnancy

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The concept pregnancy it carries with it many words that are related to pregnancy: childbirth, hormones, percentiles, ultrasounds ... there is much that we can know or know through the miracle of life.

However, also thinking about the nine months that lead to the birth of a child bring us other words that we think we know the meaning of, but that we had never stopped to think about, and one of them is oxytocin.

In general, we can know that the oxytocin It is the hormone that is released at the time of delivery and it is the one that generates the affective bond between the mother and the child. At least that's what they have let us know in the movies. However, we have to know that oxytocin is given long before we become moms, that it is present in pregnancy and that it is more than just the love felt for the newborn.

To begin with, oxytocin is a hormone, but it is not only found when the mother gives birth, but it is also in pregnancy, triggering positive feelings in terms of emotions, but also facilitates contractions and contributes to the changes in the female body being established for the child to be born.

Beyond the emotional properties it achieves, oxytocin is also a purely physical hormone, which helps everything to go smoothly just before the child arrives in the world.

When oxytocin is released, It is that moment in which the pregnant woman feels that the cervix begins to dilate gradually, something that has already happened during pregnancy. In addition, oxytocin, administered artificially, can help induce labor if there are problems, so it is a good thing for everything to go perfectly in case there are complications.

After childbirth, oxytocin also plays a very important role so that the milk can rise.

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