Premature babies have to be with their parents

Premature babies have to be with their parents

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All smadres remember that first contact with the newborn: the warmth it gives off, its skin covered in vernix. The beat of his heart, fast, very fast. But mothers of premature babies often have to wait a long time before they can feel those same sensations.

However, the latest studies reveal that the first contact of the premature baby with its parents is tremendously enriching. The warmth of your family can never be replaced by an incubator.

A machine will never be able to reproduce the emotions that a mother, father or older brother feels when holding a premature baby. You can never convey that affection. Nor sing to him whispering a sweet lullaby in his ear. Because a machine will not be able to kiss. Nor love.

This image, tender and at the same time vindictive, was captured in a hospital in Uppsala, Sweden. In it we can see twins, premature, snuggled in the chest of the father and the older brother. Feeling skin to skin, the heartbeat of both. The babies barely exceeded 700 grams at birth, but they were able to be in contact with their family from day one. There are images that say it all. This, without a doubt, is one of them.

The latest studies reveal that the parents' warmth helps regulate the baby's temperature, while the incubator helps them breathe. Feeling the skin of the mother and father makes these babies feel calmer and gain weight faster. Thanks to this 'kangaroo method', premature babies recover sooner.

As if this were not enough, the bacterial flora of the parents is a shield for their babies, and reduces the risk of infection in such fragile babies. The caresses of the parents during the first days of the premature baby in the neonatal area of ​​the hospital, are essential. These babies open their eyes wider, and they react to the smiles of their mothers and fathers moving arms and legs. A great exercise for them.

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