My child is color blind, is he color blind?

My child is color blind, is he color blind?

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Children often learn colors through games and activities or simply their daily routine, however, if your child often paints the treetops red or poppies green, they may be color blind.

What is color blindness? Also known as 'color blindness', it is a difficulty to see colors and their brightness and is more common in men than in women. The colors with which color blind children are most confused are red and green. The good news about this disease is that it is not serious and the bad news is that it has no treatment.

Do you see the numbers that are hidden in the circles in the image? If you have no problems detecting them, you are not color blind, otherwise, you should go to an ophthalmologist.

Knowing if a child is color blind is simple, you just have to do the Ishihara test. It consists of a series of cards that contain circles filled with colored dots, like the ones in the image above. Inside the circles a shape, number or letter is hidden that is only visible to those who do not have any defect in vision. However, depending on the degree of color blindness, some children can decipher the cards.

I have a friend whose son is colorblind, and he is also the son of a colorblind, grandson of a colorblind and great-grandson of a colorblind and so far as is known. The child has learned the name of the colors associated with what he perceives, however, he is still learning and his mother is always on the lookout so that he does not mislead his little sister, who is not color blind.

This story is relevant to explain that color blindness is a genetic disease and that also, occurs more in men than in women. The anomaly is transmitted genetically through the X chromosome, of which men have only one copy, while women, who have two X chromosomes, are more protected, since at least one of the two can compensate for the defective one.

Color blindness often goes unnoticed. So much so that in some cases it is not detected until adulthood, when the person has to undergo a visual test. However, it is usually the parents who first detect this problem since they realize that their children have difficulty learning colors or in their drawings they use inappropriate tones to color certain elementss.

Color blind children can lead totally normal lives, they have their own world of colors and they are learning tricks that help them not to confuse them. However, in their adulthood, and while the disease has no treatment, they will not be able to dedicate themselves to professions related to aviation or navigation.

In any case, it is important that parents notify teachers since your children might have trouble understanding some pictures or graphics during class and that would delay their learning.

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