How to remove diapers from children

How to remove diapers from children

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In that process for control your child's urine and poop and thus remove the diaper, you should not burden yourself or your child. You cannot be in a rush or demand that your child get into the habit overnight. It is very normal to hear mothers excuse their children who did it to them saying "it was so entertaining playing, that he forgot", or asking their son millions of times if he wants pee. Or even limiting your fluid intake at night so you can get by without wetting the bed.

The process of toilet training should not be applied based on the fact that the child drinks less liquids or that his parents are all the time tormenting him with their worries about whether or not he will pee and poop.

The toilet training it is not something you learn like reading, writing, adding, subtracting, or riding a bicycle. Nor is it an indication that the child is more intelligent than the others. It is a conquest that is acquired naturally when the child is ready, just like walking or talking. Trying to teach a child to pee control ahead of time is counterproductive.

Summer has arrived and, for most parents, the ideal time to remove the children's diaper. By saving time, money, worries, and for more comfort and convenience of parents, it is common to observe that many take the opportunity to remove the diaper of children with increasingly early ages.

There is a relentless persecution by parents of their children asking them if they want to pee, touching their clothes, and sitting them on the potty at the slightest sign that the child wants to pee or poop. Hours and hours are applied in the attempt to remove the child's diaper. Many attempts show positive results during the summer, but others back down when the child returns to school.

If the child was still not emotionally ready enough to diaper removal, when living a situation of separation, demands, the process of removing the diaper and toilet training, can regress. If you want to remove your child's diaper, don't wait for summer to come and don't be in a hurry. Your child will tell you when he is ready to use the potty, regardless of whether it is summer or another season.

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