Christmas cabana for children with star shape

Christmas cabana for children with star shape

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The Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch they are very special moments. The family gathers around the table and celebrates the festivities surrounded by delicious food. If you are already tired of putting the same recipes every year, we propose you original ideas and very easy to prepare for starters and appetizers with Christmas shapes for children and adults.

We present this proposal to make a sofa shaped like a Christmas star. Children will not only love it but they can also collaborate perfectly in its preparation.

  • Bread
  • Sandwich cheese
  • York ham
  • Egg Yarn
  • Olives
  • Star-shaped mold

1. Use a star mold to cut a slice of bread. Do the same with York ham and put it on top of the bread.

2. Cut also with the mold, a slice of sandwich cheese and put it on the ham.

3. Finally, add some spun egg and a piece of olive. Delicious!

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