Hot flashes in pregnancy

Hot flashes in pregnancy

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¿Hot flushes at pregnancy? For many women who are expecting a baby, this very unpleasant aspect is the order of the day before they become mothers. Although hormonal changes and temperature can contribute to their appearance, it is always advisable to know how to avoid them or what to do when they appear.

The hot flushes they are one more annoyance of pregnancy, and there are many women who are expecting a child who suffer from them during the gestation process. Due to the drastic changes with hormones that women experience at this special moment in their lives, hot flashes appear practically from the first trimester.

This sudden feeling of heat that drenched in sweat To those who are living it it is usually the most unpleasant, because it makes the body feel that there is much more temperature than it really is, regardless of whether it is really hot or not. Knowing how to deal with them will be beneficial to be able to combat them in pregnancy.

- Drink lots of water: As in the case of fluid retention, the secret is to provide even more fluid to the body. Drinking water is a great answer to avoid suffering from hot flashes and also to get rid of them if they have appeared.

- Wear breathable clothing: It is not about going uncovered, but about avoiding garments that are not light or breathable, since the feeling of being overwhelmed by being too hot can call hot flashes to the life of the pregnant woman.

- Do not bathe in hot water: the recommendations about hot water in pregnancy are quite restrictive, since in addition to being negative for the baby as the delivery date approaches, it could also affect the health of the mother and her skin. The same is true for hot flashes, it is better to bathe in warm or lukewarm water.

- Eat light: copious meals are not recommended during pregnancy, since it is necessary to eat a healthy and balanced diet for the good of the mother and the baby that is coming. Eating too heavy or high-fat foods will also cause pregnant women to have sudden hot flashes due to the change in their metabolism also in digestion.

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