How to stimulate a good mood in children

How to stimulate a good mood in children

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Good humor is essential to have a happier life and to feel that everything is going well all the time, because a sense of humor is essential to brighten up family life. Laughing as a family is a way to connect parents and children, but it will also make children smarter, healthier and are able to cope with challenges in a better way.

Many people think that a good sense of humor is something that is inherited from parents and ancestors, but the reality is that it is a learned quality that can be developed in children, so it is not something they are born with, but it is something that can be learned. It is very important that children can learn this quality from a young age to have a better quality of life, but how to do it?

1. Be an example. If you want your child to learn to have a good mood, you will have to be an example so that he can develop this quality, that is: make jokes, tell funny stories, laugh out loud, fit small catastrophes appropriately (like the one you son spill juice on the carpet), play with your kids every day, etc.

2. Keep a warm environment at home. When your child feels comfortable thanks to the good atmosphere at home, it will be easier for him to want to joke and laugh. Toxic or stressful environments do not help anyone to feel good.

3. Encourage your children to have a good mood. Encourage your little ones to have a good mood either by reading humorless jokes, to surprise so that everyone is happy ... congratulate your child when he laughs and enjoys it as one of the great pleasures of life. Don't forbid silly humor.

4. Be the first to laugh at yourself. There is no better way to know that you have good self-esteem than to learn to laugh at yourself.

5. Enhance good humor. To enhance the good mood you can have funny books at home (according to the ages of your children), you can also watch funny television programs, etc.

Good humor is very important for children and for the whole family, but there are times when you have to know how to draw a line where you should take care of your tone and be a good role model so that your child knows that there are situations in which you have to keep your composure even if they are people in a good mood.

For example, if someone tells a joke that is inappropriate or that may affect other people, don't laugh and explain to your child why the joke is not funny. Children must also learn when it is appropriate to bring out good humor and make jokes and when it is not.

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