What is the uterus for in pregnancy

What is the uterus for in pregnancy

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If there is a fundamental part of the woman's body during pregnancy, that is the one that corresponds to uterus. Throughout the nine months of gestation, it becomes a word that we will constantly hear in questions of gynecology and the health of the mother and the future baby, since it will be the place where the child will be formed.

The uterus It is the place that will house the baby inside the woman's body and is located in the lower abdomen. During the nine months that the pregnancy lasts, it will expand so that the child fits perfectly.

The uterus grows week by week so that the child can have a correct development and a healthy growth, and although before pregnancy it looks similar to a pear and can expand up to 30 cm from the 6 centimeters that it can measure in its initial version before the arrival of the embryo.

The home of the embryo before delivery, which increases considerably its weight Until the moment of delivery, it also helps the rest of the woman's body organs to relocate. Although it is barely visible during the first weeks, as the uterus grows to be able to carry the baby, the abdomen will swell at the same rate.

The vital organs of the woman move so that the uterus can take the consistent shape and weigh up to a kilo or even exceed it, from the 60 grams what it would weigh if there was no pregnancy.

Once the baby is born, the uterus gradually returns to its original size. It will do so thanks to wrongs, contractions that help the uterus to retract.

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