Meaning of pregnancy terms with the letter I

Meaning of pregnancy terms with the letter I

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Answers to all your questions about pregnancy related to health, diet, care, pregnancy evolution or disease prevention.

In this pregnancy dictionary of you will find answers to all questions of pregnancy that begin with letter I. A great way to stay informed and live your pregnancy with more confidence.

Induction to labor

It is the provocation of the onset of labor for health reasons. This decision must depend on the gynecologist who attends to the pregnant woman and should never depend on the mother and the decision must be based on an accurate diagnosis that justifies it. It is usually done when the continuation of the pregnancy can be dangerous for the mother or the baby.


Newborn baby jaundice occurs when both the skin and the white of the eye are yellowish. It usually occurs because your liver is still immature and is unable to remove bilirubin effectively. It also occurs when feeding on breast milk, as some proteins in breast milk are blocked in the liver, disrupting bilirubin.

Artificial insemination

It is an assisted reproduction technique and is the simplest of all those performed. It is about stimulating ovulation and controlling it through an ultrasound. By the time the woman is about to ovulate, a semen sample is obtained and inserted through a cannula into the uterine cavity with virtually no discomfort.

Vaginal infection

Symptoms of a vaginal infection in pregnancy are irritation, burning, pain, or itching in the genital area. During pregnancy there is a predisposition to suffer them due to hormonal changes but, although annoying, they are not serious for the baby since the uterus is sealed and no infectious agents enter from outside.


Unlike the sterility that supposes the impossibility of conceiving a baby, in infertility the couple can achieve a pregnancy, however, it does not usually reach term and an abortion occurs. Among the most frequent causes of infertility is a woman's late age when it comes to getting pregnant and alterations in the man's semen.

Rh incompatibility

It occurs when the pregnant woman has a negative Rh factor while the baby has it positive. When it happens, their blood comes into contact and the mother's body can generate antibodies against the baby's Rh. If this occurs, these antibodies can attack fetal cells and destroy their red blood cells, causing anemia in the baby.

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