5 myths about fast food

5 myths about fast food

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It seems quite evident that fast food has been installed in our lives and is also part of infant feeding. That the children love the fast food It does not mean that they can eat it every day, but it is not advisable to eliminate it completely.

Although fast food is not the healthiest option for children or adults, the pleasure and comfort of using it on specific occasions is undeniable. We analyze some myths about fast foodWe discover the truths and lies about this type of food.

1. Price. There is a popular belief that fast food is cheaper. In these times in which the family economy does not allow for great excesses, it is most tempting to bet on fast food so as not to spend. However, it is a false myth because this type of food is not cheaper. Prepare food at home based on natural ingredients it will always be cheaper as well as healthy.

2. Salads. Many families go with their children to fast food restaurants and opt for a salad to accompany the menu and thus compensate for the excess fat. However, salads from large fast food restaurant chains are not as healthy as they seem and many contain more calories than a pizza or the hamburger itself.

3. Addiction. It is commonly said that fast food contains Addictive substances, but actually could not be verified. What is proven is that addiction to this type of food comes from a perfect balance, but not necessarily healthy, between salt, sugar and fat that food contains.

4. Quality. The debate opens every so often about the quality of the products we consume. The truth is that fast food restaurants are also subject to the sanitary controls habitual and that should be sufficient guarantee that the food is perfectly consumable.

5. Prohibited. It's pretty clear that fast food is not the healthier diet for our children, but it is not necessary to eliminate it from the lives of the little ones. Banning the consumption of soft drinks and hamburgers will only attract more attention, so it is best to resort to fast food only on specific occasions so that children do not feel separated from the majority consumption habits.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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