Halloween is ours

Halloween is ours

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Since I have children I celebrate Halloween every year, a party that is not Latin, but that is very enjoyed here in the eve of All Saints' Day. On October 31, when it gets dark, my children and their friends leave home disguised as goblins, ghosts and demons, asking for sweets and sweets from the neighbors of a 'dark and terrifying' urbanization, where spirits hide behind every corner, inside the swings or in the treetops.

'Trick or Treating'they all say as one when they knock on the door asking for sweets. 'Trick or treat' or 'trick or treat' would be the closest meaning, and if the parents give them candy, money or any other type of reward, they interpret that we have accepted the deal. If on the contrary we refuse, the children will spend us asmall jokeThe most common being, by tradition, throwing shaving foam against the door.

I am still moved by the impact of the most terrifying costumes on younger children. Maybe it's because when my son was two years old, his brother gave him a tremendous scare with his death costume and I remember how he lived that night. Despite the fact that his older brother took off his mask so that he could see that it was actually him, his fear kept him from separating from me and he looked like the victim of a horror movie.

The following year, I had to work hard to de-dramatize all the paraphernalia that we put together around Halloween. I improvised a witch costume for him, painted his face red and black, and offered him a large bag to store all the candies and sweets he received on his door-to-door journey. He was only three years old, but together with his brother and his friends, he lived a unforgettable night.

And the fact that this party has become so international is due to the huge commercial and advertising display which was produced in the late 70s and early 80s, both in film and on television. The children's tour in search of sweets, with the famous 'trick or treat', is one of the typical Halloween activities, as well as the costume parties, in addition to bonfires, pumpkin decoration, visits to haunted houses, pranks, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies.

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