Fractures that can be signs of child abuse

Fractures that can be signs of child abuse

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Talking about child abuse is necessary but it makes me tremendously difficult. Apart from the tremendous pain and the feeling of injustice caused by this topic, writing about it makes you reflect with each letter you type on the keyboard.

It is a delicate subject to deal with, especially when the victim of abuse is a boy or a girl, or when some fractures are discussed, they may be consequences of abuse or child abuse.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP), reveals some characteristics of childhood fractures that can be derived from abuse or mistreatment. Any childhood injury, including fractures, can be the consequence of child abuse. The APP reveals that the most typical fractures of child abuse are metaphyseal injuries to the long bones, broken ribs, and scapular fractures. Doctors should always keep in mind the possibility that a fracture may have occurred from child abuse.

Apart from these injuries, there are also other characteristics that should generate suspicions that the child has suffered some abuse or physical abuse:

- Fracture in a child who is not yet walking

- Multiple fractures

- Fractures with different antiques

- Inconsistent or variable reports from caregivers

- Delay or delay in consultation due to injury

- Absence of previous injuries

- Unbelievable history of injuries

The APP also notes that children under the age of two (and some between the ages of two and five) with fractures suspected of abuse should have a skeletal X-ray. And in children less than a year old with these types of fractures, skull and brain imaging studies should also be done because head injuries are often hidden. Pediatrics also recommends an abuse evaluation for siblings and other young family members of physically abused children. Fractures are one of the strongest indicators of child abuse.

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