Vitamin B for children and pregnant women

Vitamin B for children and pregnant women

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Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body and we must all eat a healthy and balanced diet, which is precisely where we find all the vitamins and minerals what do we need. But children and pregnant women should pay special attention to food.

The vitamins of group B They have certain special characteristics because it is not just one vitamin, but several. Their importance in pregnant women is especially focused on the development of the fetus and they are also vitamins that guarantee growth in children. We analyze the importance of vitamin B for children and pregnant women.

All vitamins of group B are related to the cellular metabolism and they are essential for development, for growth, they protect cardiovascular health and also the nervous system. And there are many vitamins within this group to pay attention to.

- Vitamin B1. It's also called thiamine and it is responsible for transforming sugars, as well as for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

- Vitamin B2. The riboflavin It is the one that transforms food into energy, which is why it is essential in infant feeding to guarantee the vitality of children.

- Vitamin B6. This vitamin is called pyridoxine and is responsible for cell development and protecting the heart of children and pregnant women.

- Vitamin B9. Better known as folic acid its importance during pregnancy is well known. Pregnant women need this vitamin that can prevent malformations or even spontaneous abortions.

- B12 vitamin. The cobalamin it plays an essential role in the bone development of children and also takes care of the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Because it is such a large group, vitamin B requires a varied diet more than any other vitamin. Except for special cases, vitamin intake should be based on food so as not to resort to Food supplements and the B vitamins are very easy to find in the daily diet of children and pregnant women.

- Most of the B group vitamins can be found in meats, with a special contribution in the meat of chicken, at liver and in the kidneys.

- Fish also contains high amounts of vitamin B, as well as the eggs, the mushrooms and the dairy products.

- If there is something that can not be missing in the diet of children and pregnant women, it is fruits and vegetables. Vitamin B is found in all vegetables, but it is better processed when it comes to raw food.

- The cereals They cannot be missing in a good children's breakfast because they are complete foods with an important vitamin contribution.

- Legumes should also be included in the diet of children and pregnant women due to their high content of vitamins of the B Group.

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