Hope for children with cancer

Hope for children with cancer

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On the occasion of the celebration of International Day of the Child with Cancer A new door opens to hope for these children and their families, as the figures are encouraging. Both the registration of new cases of cancer in children, which is low in the child population, and the cure of diagnosed cases, which is increasingly high, are good news that excites all those affected by cancer in childhood.

And the fact is that the incidence of cancer in children is currently very low. Only 140 new cases are being recorded per year for every million children under 15 years of age, and in recent decades advances in diagnostic techniques and treatments for childhood cancer have increased the survival of these children to 76 percent. .

From a very young age, children who have been diagnosed with cancer must face difficult situations and tough life tests, which affect their routine and touch every last sensitive chord in their person. Spending long periods without going to school, facing the changes that occur in their family due to their illness, integrating suffering in their lives and facing the fear of death are just some of the tremendous dramas that affect these children, who also They must combine with the harsh treatment of the disease that involves constant medical tests and controls, periods of hospitalization and aggressive treatments with important side effects that affect their body image, their appetite ...

Offering parents of children with cancer resources to deal with the disease in an easier way is the objective of many associations of children with cancer. After decades of cancer research, the causes of most tumors in children are still unknown. Parents are never to blame for a child's disease, other children do not have to be more likely to develop this disease, and there are no bad practices or observed antecedents that can predispose a child to suffering from any type of tumor.

TheSpanish Association for the Fight Against Cancer, (AECC) he insists on affirming that childhood cancer is not a disease, but a complex number of different diseases that affect the child. In general, childhood tumors respond better to treatments than adult cancers, and therefore children have a higher survival rate.

To improve the quality of life of children with malignant tumors, families request that they always be treated in referral hospitals with comprehensive pediatric units, that is, that they have professionals such as oncologists, surgeons or psychologists specialized in pediatrics, which is elevated the pediatric age of those affected up to 18 years and that they do not remain at 14, as is the case in general with all health problems.

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