A Birth Plan. How to prepare to give birth

A Birth Plan. How to prepare to give birth

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There is little left for your baby to come into the world and the whole family hopes that everything goes well, as expected. To ensure that, it is important that the parents plan the delivery.

To do a Birth Plan You need to make a list of all the decisions that you have to make, the options regarding the place, the person you want to accompany you, tests and exams that you allow, etc., during labor. On the blog Meditate with your baby We have found some tips to help you do it:

1- The place of birth: You can choose between giving birth in the hospital or at home, although it should be considered that there is an unexpected delivery.

2- Who will attend your delivery: You can choose the obstetrician or midwife.

3- Who you want to accompany you during labor: You can choose if your partner, your mother, mother-in-law, a doula, a friend, or no one.

4- You can choose that the person who is going to accompany you is only with you at home, in the hospital, in the expulsion room or during the entire time.

5- Before leaving for the hospital, you must be clear about whether you want to stay home as long as possible, arrive as soon as possible to get settled in or leave when the doctor tells you.

6- Shaving pubic hair. You can choose if you want a complete or partial waxing, or only if necessary.

7- The enema. You should plan if you want a routine enema or only if it is necessary.

8- Open a pathway to introduce a cathet for administration of drugs or serum. You can choose between a routine one or one in case of need.

9- In labor, you can choose to start spontaneously, to be induced, scheduled for a specific date or to be conducted.

10- Medication options in labor and expulsion. You can choose, depending on what your doctor recommends, if in case of discomfort, you want sedatives, analgesics, epidural block, general anesthesia or nothing.

11- During the expulsion of the baby you can choose if you allow them to use a photo or video camera.

12- In some hospitals, women are allowed to choose the position when expelling the baby: if lying down, semi-sitting, on all fours, squatting or in the water.

13- When your baby comes out, you can choose if you want to hold your baby immediately in your arms to caress him, if you want to feed him immediately, if you want your partner to clean him on your chest and cut the umbilical cord, or if you prefer let the pediatrician take him to bathe him before they pass him on to you.

It is important that you make a plan, although it is necessary that you consider that everything will depend a lot on the hospital where the delivery takes place. Even if you leave everything programmed, everything is relative because it will depend a lot on how your delivery is and the circumstances of the baby's birth. With the plan prepared, be sure to share it with your partner so that they are aware of your preferences when the time comes.

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