A drawer of costumes for children

A drawer of costumes for children

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Have you ever wondered why children like to dress up so much? I do, because one of my children's favorite games is to go to the costume drawer, turn it upside down and make all kinds of combinations in their wardrobe while they imagine any adventure.

Thus, Mama's old golden kerchief becomes a rich queen's cape, Aladdin's turban, or a magical flying cape. With any cloth or utensil that we find at home, we can create our children's favorite Carnival costume. It just takes a little dedication and illusion. The imagination already runs on the part of the children themselves.

In the drawer of the costumes at home we have all kinds of original things that in their day were outdated or worn, but that my children love to recycle for their adventures.

Of course, there are also costumes that we have given you for some occasion: superhero, princess, pirate, police, shepherd costume, etc.

But normally the game does not consist of taking the personality of a specific princess with a certain costume, they like to make their own creations, taking a bow from there, a skirt from there or a sausage gut for the sword.

Everyone takes on a new personality and then I usually play a theater or game. They have a great time and they love being able to go out to show off their outfits or extravagances. They know that it is a special occasion, it does not have to be Halloween, or Carnival week, or the day of the festival or prom.

At some time, we all would like to get into the skin of another or, at least, imagine how we would be if we had another appearance. The game of simulating another personality for children has many advantages since it awakens their imagination, they face other realities, jobs, stories, characters, perform unusual actions: such as fighting with a dragon, dancing with the prince, flying, defeating the evil one, clowning around to make others laugh, acting ... things that are not usually done with their usual costumes.

'The habit makes the monk', so if our children want to play someone else, what better way than to dress up? For a child, playing dress-up is not simply putting on a beautiful, perfectly tailored suit with which to go for a walk on a special day, it is one of the tools our children use to play at having or simulating different roles in life, to experiment, to create and laugh ... and, of course, invent a costume is part of the fun.

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