Is honey good for calming children's coughs?

Is honey good for calming children's coughs?

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Do you like honey? I mean pure, authentic and true honey, artisanal honey and not honey that only has the face and color of honey. My grandmother used honey for everything, to make a facial mask, to soften hair and above all to calm our coughs. She also used honey to sweeten the bread, the delicious dumplings that she made ... well, for everything.

Honey is the best cough remedy. So the studies say. Scientists say that the components found in honey and recognized for their therapeutic properties, kill microbes and act as antiseptics and antioxidants.

When my daughter had a cough as a child, I always followed my mother's advice. I would wrap my index finger in cotton, then soak it in a little honey and very carefully brush her throat. Nothing else was needed calmed his cough and she fell asleep much calmer. I used to do that a few times, when the cough wasn't so insistent. Of course, when the cough got worse, I always took her to the doctor.

If you ever want to give your child honey, it is best to look for the product in a herbalist or some other place where you can trust that the product is free of agro-toxins and pesticides.

Doctors warn that honey should not be offered to children before 2 or 3 years of age. It can harm your teeth and your digestive system that is not yet fully mature. Doctors say that many studies are still needed, but that parents can consider honey as an alternative for the treatment of childhood coughs.

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