Tree trunk costume for kids. Children's crafts

Tree trunk costume for kids. Children's crafts

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A funny homemade tree trunk costume for children's parties. It is a craft to make a costume for Carnival, Halloween or a birthday party. A very cheap and original costume.

With a cardboard box, paint and a desire to have a good time, children can make their own costume. In addition, as it is made with recycled material, it is a good opportunity to educate the little ones in respecting nature and the importance of reusing materials.

  • Large cardboard box
  • Colorful paint
  • Pair of scissors
  • String
  • Brush

advice: if you also want to make the top of the tree, you can use green paper pinocchio or blow up several balloons and glue them.

Step 1. Use a large packing box and carefully open it fully so it does not break. You have to get a large cardboard square.

Step 2. Fold the cardboard every five or ten centimeters so that you can later make the shape of the log.

Step 3. Cut a large circle at the top of the cardboard and two smaller ones below and on both sides. For the big one the child's head will come out and for the other two, the hands.

Step 4. Paint all the cardboard dark brown and over it give some lighter brown strokes.

Step 5. In order to dress the child with the cardboard, you have to make two holes in the ends of the cardboard and pass a string that you will tie later.

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