Our Lady of Peace Day, January 24. Names for girls

Our Lady of Peace Day, January 24. Names for girls

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Paz is a name for a girl of Latin origin whose meaning is a symbol, since it represents that desire so longed for by all humanity.

It is a very frequent name that is generally accompanied by the name MarĂ­a and, despite its long tradition, it remains in full force. Celebrate your name day on January 24th, which is the day of Our Lady Peace.

The name Paz implies an open, friendly and very sociable personality. With a contagious joy, Paz has great communication skills and handles herself like no one in the social relationships. Her insatiable curiosity leads her to take an interest in very different fields and her desire to excel together with her determination makes her achieve success in everything she sets out to do.

Both the Latin name Paz and the one derived from the same concept in Greek, Irene, are representations of an ancient goddess, daughter of Zeus and Themis, who was venerated by all the peoples of the antiquity. In Rome it was Octavio Augustus who relied the most on this goddess, establishing the period known as the Pax Augusta.

Due to the meaning of her name, Paz is a transmitter of tranquillity and good energy, perhaps for that reason, it has also been a name used for many places, such as temples, stadiums, cities and even hospitals. Without a doubt with this name, your daughter is assured of the affection of those around her.

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