Orthodontics and children

Orthodontics and children

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Having a beautiful smile is something that can be achieved thanks to orthodontics. The orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for the correction of dental and / or skeletal malocclusions. That is, the specialty that corrects bones and teeth that are misplaced or located, making the teeth more aligned and beautiful. Its results are more effective during the childhood stage, since during development it is easier to correct bone defects and dental malpositions to show off beautiful aligned teeth in adulthood. has selected and collected here the articles that may most interest parents who are thinking of taking their child to an orthodontist. All about child orthodontics and during pregnancy.

Types of orthodontics for children. Children's orthodontics. Types of braces used for orthodontic treatment in children. When children can wear braces. What type of orthodontics to choose for children.

Orthodontics in pregnancy. Can orthodontics be harmful during pregnancy? If the pregnancy is reported and precautionary measures are taken, it does not have to be contraindicated. However, some safety measures will have to be taken for the pregnant woman and the baby, such as not taking X-rays during the months of pregnancy.

Changes in orthodontics in pregnancy. During pregnancy, orthodontics is not contraindicated, but some of the tests that are performed should be changed, such as X-rays, as well as the way to treat the pregnant woman. The routine and the visit to the dentist change during pregnancy. We explain how.

Invisible children's orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment for children. Having well aligned teeth is essential to show off a beautiful smile. In some cases, it is essential to wear orthodontics for a while to achieve a good placement of all teeth. The dentist Gustavo CamaƱas, explains which are the most recommended orthodontic systems for children.

Types of orthodontic appliances. Wear orthodontics for a while to get a good placement of all teeth. our site offers us an educational video which explains which are the most advisable orthodontic systems for children taking into account the dental problem and age.

Devices for bruxism in children. Children also clench their jaw or grind their teeth at night when sleeping. This dentist tells us something else about this problem, bruxism. How to treat bruxism and what are the bad consequences of bruxism for the health of children's teeth.

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