Videos about children's skills and behavior

Videos about children's skills and behavior

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The behavior of children is a reflection not only of their way of being but also of the type of education they receive at home and at school. The development of their abilities not only depends on the abilities that they are acquiring, but also on the stimulation that they receive from people and their environment. has made and selected some videos in which you can learn tips on how to enhance strength, empathy, perseverance, effort and the ability to overcome children.

Here you will find tips on how to enhance the strength of the child, their physical and emotional autonomy or how to discover their abilities.

Recognize and enhance strengths. Recognizing and enhancing the character strengths of our children is essential for children to feel valued in our society. The psychologist Alicia Banderas recognizes the necessary and the importance of positive reinforcement in the education of children.

Promote physical and emotional autonomy. Autonomy is not only restricted to the physical part, but also to the emotional one. It is essential for the correct development of children because it allows them to do things for themselves. Child psychologist Alicia Banderas explains to us why physical and emotional autonomy are united in children.

Discover children's abilities. How to recognize talent in children. Is it enough to see that something is good for you? The psychologist Alicia Banderas reveals the secret of discovering the abilities of our children. What talent do your children have?

Educate in effort. Each child has certain abilities, but regardless of what they may be, they all have to be educated in effort and improvement. To give you some guidelines on how to do it, pay attention to this interview with the psychologist Alicia Banderas!

Educate empathy. Many parents wonder how to educate their children in values. The psychologist Alicia Banderas gives us some advice In our current world it is essential to educate children in certain values ​​such as sociability or empathy, as well as perseverance and will.

Educate resilience. What is resilience. Educational video explains what resilience is and what are the qualities of a resilient child. In this video on our site, the psychologist Alicia Banderas talks to us in her book 'Happy children' about a novel concept in psychology, which actually comes from physics. He talks about resilience.

Stimulate skills. On our site we have selected a series of activities that can be done with children and that stimulate their learning. These are games that enhance skills such as concentration, motor coordination, memory, logic or values ​​such as empathy.

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