5 fun games for the children's Carnival party

5 fun games for the children's Carnival party

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Carnivals are one of the most special dates of the year, since for many children, the fact that wear costumes It is a challenge that has magic, since it gives them the opportunity to become fictional characters for a few hours.

That is why, for one of the parties in which our children go to dress up in CarnivalNothing better than knowing activities so that you can have a great time on such a special day.

1. Masquerade: Is there anything more typical of a party Carnival with a masked ball? Children can have a great time at this special moment, where the masks do not show the faces of the dancers, so it can be very funny for children not knowing who they are practicing this special dance with.

2. Crafts: Carnival is the perfect date to do crafts with children. They themselves can enjoy the magical moment of make your own costume, with elements such as cardboard boxes, ribbons or papers that can decorate the costume they have already chosen, or be able to make their own from scratch. If this is too complicated, it would be the ideal time to make masks or masks.

3. Costume contest: Once the costumes have been decorated with crafts, or even made from scratch at the party in question, it's time to playfully judge costumes. It is not about establishing the best or the worst, but that the children can act as judges and participants and be able to deliver original prizes: the most elaborate costume, the funniest, the most real, the most beautiful ...

4.Gymkhana: Another of the classics in children's parties is the gymkana, where children can do physical exercise while having fun, that is, it is the key moment to be able to do tests such as carrying an egg with a spoon without it falling, play sack races ... or maybe a series of tracks to find a treasure.

5. Chairs game: A classic that could not be missed at a party. The mythical game of chairs It is the most fun for children, and much more if you can enjoy being dressed up. To the beat of the music, it's about get a seat Before the rest, in each song or seconds that the music lasts, the chairs will be removed one by one until there is only one place to sit and that is the moment when the winner in question is chosen.

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