What to do when the child is not assertive

What to do when the child is not assertive

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The children's education it must also take into account the development of their social skills. For this, it is essential to use the assertiveness techniquesThus the little one will learn to give their opinions and criticisms and to defend their rights in a peaceful way, without harming others.

On many occasions, children have attitudes that range from passive to aggressive, these being extreme concepts of assertive behavior. In these cases, parents and teachers should be a help for the little ones. According to him Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports Spanish, there are two ways to educate in assertiveness, indirect and direct.

1. The indirect ways to educate in assertiveness are based on how we can influence the child without being aware of it. In general, this method is based on the empathy of the parents towards the children, that is, they must know the problem that their child has, listen to him and put themselves in his place.

2. Another indirect technique of achieving assertive behavior is to reinforce the child's capacities, positively acknowledging if he has behaved correctly. Care must be taken not to fall into a repetitive behavior with praise, and only use it in a general way when the little one passes correctly more difficult behaviors or that he hadn't gotten before.

The direct ways To educate in assertiveness are used especially when the child knows the social problem he has, but does not know how to face it. A common case is that of bullying by a classmate, which leads the child to feel overwhelmed and anguished, with low self-esteem, and even to reduce their academic performance.

In this case, parents should guide their child and make him understand that the problem has a solution, forming a common team. Confidence and security must be transmitted to him.

Adults should analyze together with the child why the bullying occurs and the options they have to face this situation, this will also reinforce the decision-making capacity of the little one. They can explain to their child examples of similar cases that are known, and even give an explanation of how to deal with such social problems.

Sources:Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain

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