Beauty care before and after childbirth

Beauty care before and after childbirth

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During pregnancy, hormonal change and weight gain (and sometimes genetic predisposition) can cause different signs to appear that are unsightly.

Although the situation usually reverses after delivery, we can do something on our part and take some care so that these signs do not appear or at least if they appear, they do not leave marks later.

It is common that during pregnancy, different spots may appear on different parts of our body. For example, many pregnant women have darker areas on the face (such as facial melasma or the so-called mask of pregnancy). To prevent these spots from darkening further or even remaining permanently, they should avoid sunbathing without adequate protection.

Hormonal changes have different effects on the skin and in some cases stimulate the sweat glands causing excessive sweating and dehydration of the face. (Causing what some people like 'pregnant glow'). To avoid this problem, it is best to use moisturizers. In general, facial massages with essential oils can help reduce swelling and redness.

In addition, as a result of the increase in weight and volume, the tissues stretch quickly and although the fibers of the skin are very elastic, there will come a point where they could break. In these cases it is when stretch marks appear.Its appearance has to do with genetics, with the physical state and excess weight of the woman. To prevent stretch marks from appearing, it is best to keep the skin as hydrated as possible and for this, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary that nourishes the skin from the inside while applying specific moisturizing creams.

If you already have stretch marks, you can look for a suitable product to help combat them so that you can have them under control. Once stretch marks have turned white, they can only be removed with treatments that remove or strip away the damaged layer of skin.

Acne is another very common problem during pregnancy and requires treatment so that it does not spread and remains present after delivery. The pregnant woman cannot use any product, since some products, such as those that contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or any of the retinoids, are toxic to the fetus. It is important that you keep your face hydrated and clean, that you avoid cream, oily or greasy makeup. The skin must be able to breathe. In any case and if you have an acne problem during pregnancy, it is very important that you visit a dermatologist and inform you about the pregnancy, since certain products can be very harmful to the fetus.

Another common problem in pregnancy are varicose veins or varicose veins. These are dilations of the vein walls and generally occur in the lower limbs due to blood circulation problems. Due to excess weight during pregnancy, the legs must make an extra effort that can trigger the appearance of varicose veins. To prevent them from appearing, you should maintain a good diet, avoid standing or sitting for a long time in the same position, massage your legs when they are sore or tired, and exercise to stimulate circulation in the area.

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