Santo Modesto Day, February 24. Names for boys

Santo Modesto Day, February 24. Names for boys

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Modesto is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'measure', 'measure' or 'balance'. It is a perfect name for your child to maintain all the serenity and moderation he needs throughout life.

In addition, Modesto is a name with a long tradition but it is not outdated and its infrequent use makes it a very original name. Celebrate your name day February 24, which is Saint Modesto's day.

From the very meaning of its name, balance, moderation and calm come off. But Modesto is also a reflective spirit capable of finding solutions where others cannot. His hard work and sympathy make Modesto the soul of any group and a loyal person who can be fully trusted.

The name Modesto is known throughout the West. Its most familiar forms are Modest English and Modeste French, but although they are familiar, they are not used much in these languages ‚Äč‚Äčeither. And is that Modesto is one of those names that have not just become popular, so they retain a touch of originality. That is precisely why people named Modesto wear his name with pride.

We also know your child's name as a place name with several localities named Modesto in the US, the best known being the Californian city of Modesto. But it is that Modesto we also find it as a river port in Brazil. Although if the name of your child stands out for something, it is because of its value as an adjective with characteristics of measure and humility that everyone looks for.

If we talk about personalities named Modesto, we cannot fail to mention the Catalan painter Modest Cuixart or the Spanish historian Modesto Lafuente. But if someone has raised the name of your son, it is the fashion designer Modesto Lomba, who together with Luis Devota has created one of the most prestigious international brands.

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