Easter holidays according to the age of the children

Easter holidays according to the age of the children

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Going on vacation with children can be quite an adventure. For everything to go well and we all have a great time, both parents and children, it is important to think and plan all the details in advance. Choosing the destination where children can enjoy these well-deserved vacations depends on their age. While some alternatives and activities are valid for the little ones, others are more advisable when we have older children.

Children also need to escape the routine and have fun changing places and environments. Depending on the family tastes and the age of the children, we can select the type of vacation that best suits each family:

Holidays with babies 0-3 yearsWhen there are babies at home, it is convenient to choose beach or mountain destinations, with accommodation in rural houses or campsites. Contact with nature is ideal for babies and very young children. Parents will also be able to get along better with them in large spaces prepared for safe play or outdoor activities. Rides by car or train should be short or with frequent stops so that they move their legs and stay hydrated at all times.

Holidays with children 3-6 years: from this age, children can already start to enjoy the theme parks (Port Aventura, in Salou (Tarragona); Isla Magica, in Seville; Terra Mítica, in Benidorm; Warner Bros Park, in Madrid) and their areas dedicated to the little ones where they have fun guaranteed. They have the advantage that parents and older siblings will also be able to enjoy the varied offer of attractions offered by the theme parks. The beach and mountain destinations are still the most recommended and are a good alternative to let off steam on those vacation days. The trips can be somewhat longer than 4 or 5 hours. To avoid fatigue, stop every hour and a half to go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, and drink or eat something light. Fast trains and the plane are comfortable and more entertaining options for children than the car.

Holidays with children from6-8 years: It is convenient to take advantage of the fact that children at this age already have their psychomotor system established to promote their taste for sport. The paddle tennis, soccer, swimming or basketball tournaments will delight children and parents. Take advantage of your holiday destination for outdoor sports and cycling tours with your children. If you have few days of vacation, avoid traveling long distances by road.

Holidays with children from8-12 years: An interesting idea at this age is to invite a friend of your child to enjoy the holidays with you. Later, you can bring together several children of the same ages to plan joint activities. Take advantage of their maturity so that they are interested in cultural trips. The visit to a city of historical-artistic interest, where you can alternate museums or monuments with activities of your interest, such as a meal in one of your favorite restaurants, a ride on a go-kart circuit or a couple of hours on a skating rink, it will motivate them even more. By train, children can now take longer journeys. Choose the plane for more comfortable trips.

Although for parents, the objective of the holidays is to get away from routine and stress, with children we must continue to respect their eating and sleeping routines so that they do not get nervous because they need to maintain their daily habits, even if they are away from home. . So that everything goes well and we have a quiet vacation, try as much as possible to adapt to the schedules and children's needs to avoid tantrums, crying and fatigue.

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