The guilt of parents who are never home

The guilt of parents who are never home

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Today many parents are not at home for much of the day because work obligations or other commitments force them to be away from home. These responsibilities on many occasions are to be able to support the family, it is an effort that parents must make in order to pay the bills and get money, something essential to survive in our society.

Both fathers and mothers who work outside the home can feel guilty about not being able to care for their children as much as they want day after day. But if this feeling of guilt is allowed to prevail, it can be detrimental to parents, but also to children.

- Avoid filling the absence with gifts: When a parent feels bad about not being home enough, they will try to fill that void in their children's lives with material gifts. This is a very big mistake that should be stopped, gifts do not and will never fill the emotional deprivation that children may feel due to the fact that parents are not at home. Gifts are just one way for parents to calm that guilt because they know they are not offering quality time to their children.

- Leave someone you trust in charge: At times when parents are not at home, they often leave children with relatives such as grandparents or uncles, or if they live far from home, they may be able to afford to pay a babysitter to take care of the little ones. of the house. Each family will organize itself as best it can.

- Create quality time for children: It is very important to know and keep in mind that what children really need are not gifts, it is their parents. While it is true that parents sometimes have no choice but to face payments and this forces them to be away from home, they should think about how to spend quality time with their children. Children do not need a lot of time with their parents to be well, if during the day you only have one hour to enjoy as a family, you have to prioritize that hour above all things ... and the feeling of guilt will dissipate. Good times and emotional closeness is what will really make a child feel happy to be able to spend time with their parents, be it more or less.

- Do not punish yourself excessively: The feeling of guilt for being away from home must disappear since they are obligations that must be fulfilled by force majeure and for the good of the children. But if more time is spent away from home for reasons other than responsibilities for the family, then it is necessary to assess to what extent it is worth spending so much time away from home. Children need their parents, and they must know that they will be by their side no matter what happens.

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