Tricks to avoid hair loss in pregnancy

Tricks to avoid hair loss in pregnancy

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In addition to the psychological and hormonal changes that are experienced during the nine months of pregnancy, the physicists are also notable. The fluid retention or weight gain also go hand in hand with a loss of hair. Keeping hair from falling out during pregnancy is important for many women to look beautiful while waiting to be moms.

- Be careful with the washes: Wash the hair every day is not recommended, while pregnant or not expecting a baby. Even if you have very oily hair, contact with water, shampoo or conditioner and then drying can damage the scalp, weakening it and causing it to fall. This is precisely why distance should be taken between the days that the hair is subjected to the routine washing and drying, once every two days at the most.

- Water temperature in washes: In relation to washing hair, if we use a temperature too hot, the hair may fall more than if lukewarm water is used. In addition, the general recommendation to strengthen the scalp is to give a short stream of cold water to the root part just before getting out of the shower.

- Vitamin intake: To have healthy and strong hair it is also necessary to wear a vitamin control, especially during pregnancy. Some essential vitamins for the body and also for the hair are vitamins C, B and E, which are found in whole wheat bread, kiwi, strawberries or citrus fruits.

- Balance diet: We are what we eat, so having a proper diet is not only reduced to having an enviable figure, but also to eating what is necessary for the body. Eat fruits, vegetables, protein, and a varied diet of meat and fish also contributes to the strengthening of nails and also hair during pregnancy.

- Suitable comb: Pulling with the comb also contributes to easier hair loss in pregnancy. It is advisable to buy combs that are not too fragile - so that they do not have to be passed through the hair area many times - nor are they very rigid, because they can split the hair.

- Avoid stress. Yes, stress can cause a pregnant woman's hair to fall out. So to avoid this, it is advisable for her to do some yoga or walks, every day. That apart from so many chores they have to do, ask family or friends for help, so that she has a moment a day just for her care and tranquility.

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