Recipes for quick and nutritious children's dinners

Recipes for quick and nutritious children's dinners

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Do you no longer know what dinner to prepare for your children? Every night you find yourself in front of the fridge undecided about what dish to cook? In We give you some quick dinner suggestions to prepare in a short time.

These are nutritious recipes but not too heavy for children to go to bed well fed and calm.

Here you have a selection of rich, tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare dishes for a complete children's dinner.

Rice salad with tuna and apple. Celiacs find it very difficult to cook, but there are rich and healthy options like this gluten-free rice salad with tuna and apple, for celiac children. On our site we teach you how to make a rice salad with apple and tuna.

Caesar salad. To regain a balanced diet, you have this recipe for chicken Caesar salad, a well-known recipe for children, who surely enjoy its special sauce. Caesar salad recipe for children.

Caprese salad. Caprese or Capresa salad recipe. A refreshing Italian starter for children and the whole family. It is one of the simplest and most exquisite combinations of Italian cuisine. We have developed a super easy and quick recipe to prepare for dinner or children's lunch.

Vegetable and chicken soup. Soups, creams and purees are one of the best foods we can eat on cold days, like this children's recipe for vegetable and chicken soup. Quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Noodle soup with fish balls. Fish is important but the 'little ones' don't usually like it. Here you have a noodle soup with fish balls, an original and fun recipe for children. Simple fish and noodle soup recipe for kids.

Macaroni and cheese. From the kitchen of our site we present you an exquisite plate of macaroni gratin with cheese for the whole family. A homemade recipe that provides carbohydrates and calcium to the health of children. Learn with our step by step.

Spaghetti frittata. Omelette recipe or spaghetti frittata with spinach. our site proposes an exquisite and easy-to-make recipe. An ideal dish for children's lunch or dinner. A good alternative for children to eat leafy vegetables.

Spaghetti with zucchini. We tell you how to make this recipe for spaghetti with zucchini, step by step. our site offers us a perfect recipe for children: spaghetti with zucchini is light, healthy and suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Gnocchi with cheese. Gnocchi with cheese recipe to cook with children. Traditional Italian recipes to prepare for children. Easy recipe for gnocchi with cheese sauce for kids.

Breaded cauliflower. Battered cauliflower recipe. Cauliflower is not an easy vegetable to put on children's plates, however, with this recipe you will be sure to be right and your children will not leave a single piece on the plate. On our site we teach you how to make battered cauliflower with a homemade recipe, easy and simple to make.

Zucchini pancakes. Homemade recipe for zucchini pancakes, for dinner or children's lunch. An easy and quick recipe, with one of the vegetables preferred by children. Zucchini is one of the vegetables most accepted by children. our site reveals its benefits.

Creamed spinach. Easy recipe for cream of spinach with bechamel, for children who need more energy. Rich and easy recipes with vegetables for children. Cook this delicious spinach cream with the children. Spinach with b├ęchamel cream, an ideal dish for children.

Scottish eggs. Scottish eggs. This Scottish egg recipe is simple and very easy for children to prepare. It is ideal for a picnic or excursion, as well as for dinner or lunch. our site shows you how to prepare it step by step.

Eggs with sausages. Recipe for eggs on the plate with sausages. Microwave recipe for working moms and dads. our site proposes a quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Hake sticks. Fish is a fundamental food in the diet of children, the problem is that many of them are not attracted to anything. On our site we give you an idea for children to eat with pleasure: our recipe for hake sticks.

Chicken burguer. Learn how to make this recipe for homemade chicken burgers for kids. Easy and quick recipe to prepare for children's lunch or dinner. Healthy hamburger with white meat. our site teaches you how to make chicken burgers, step by step.

Fish croquettes. Simple recipes are the most successful, so we suggest some fish croquettes, a quick and healthy dinner for children. Fish croquettes recipe for children. We teach you how to prepare, step by step, some hake croquettes or other white fish.

Meatballs in sauce. Gluten-free meatball recipe for kids. For all children, even those with eating problems such as celiac children, we suggest that you prepare this recipe for delicious meatballs without gluten.

Cod fritters. Gluten-free cod fritters recipe for dinner for celiac children. our site offers us a good alternative for children to taste fish, in a rich and exquisite way.

Filetes de San Jacobo. Easy recipe for breaded steaks with ham and cheese. San Jacobo recipe for children. Children's dinners should be varied, and for this nothing better than a classic recipe such as San Jacobo steaks, homemade and quick.

Russian fillets. Russian soy fillets recipe for children. If your child hasn't tried eating soy so far, this is a good time to try it. You are going to love these rich rich steaks made in a very homemade way and with soy. You will tell us.

Yogurt with fruits. Yogurt recipe with berries. A very healthy dessert for children and adults. Ideal for a snack, breakfast or as a dessert. our site offers you this recipe, step by step.

Japanese cheese cake. We teach you how to make a cheesecake with only three ingredients. It is a Japanese dessert that will delight the sweet tooth. Cheese, eggs and white chocolate. You don't need more.

Egg flan with orange. Egg flan with orange. Ideal recipe for family desserts. An easy, quick and very simple recipe to prepare at home with children. A healthy and natural recipe.

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