The most popular names in Venezuela for girls

The most popular names in Venezuela for girls

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How to choose the baby's name? This is one of the questions parents ask themselves when the baby arrives. The name of your girl may be determined by family pressures, by fashions, by famous people, by cinema, by television or by sport.

But in Venezuela they prefer not to risk weird names and in the first positions of the list of frequent names we find traditional names, names of always for current girls and with personality that do not get carried away by passing fashions.

1. Maria Alejandra. The Hebrew origin of Mary joins the Greek origin of Alejandra in one of the most beautiful compound names for girls. The inevitable María combines perfectly with the distinguished Alejandra in one of the most beautiful names and with a great personality.

2. Maria Gabriela. It is a name of Hebrew origin that will give your girl a delicate touch. The traditional name of María reinforces Gabriela's strength, a name that stands out for its musicality. The result of this combination can be the perfect name for your girl.

3. Maria Eugenia. The combination of a Hebrew origin, that of María, with that of a name of Greek origin, that of Eugenia, is very popular among girls' names in Venezuela. In this case, the name is supported by the meaning of Eugenia in the sense of 'well-born'.

4. Maria Elena. The familiarity provided by the name of Mary, of Hebrew origin, embellishes any other name that is accompanied, in this case, one of Greek origin. Elena is one of the most popular girl names in the world because she exudes strength and beauty.

5. Maria Fernanda. The Hebrew origin of María is combined with the Germanic origin of Fernanda in one of the most characteristic names for girls in the Hispanic world. It is a name with personality, due to the roots it finds in Venezuelan families.

6. Ana Maria. This compound name is of Hebrew origin and we find one of the most frequently used names in the world. Both are feminine names, with strength and personality that work as well alone as in multiple combinations.

7. Maria Teresa. It is a compound name that combines a name of Hebrew origin with another name of Latin origin, that of Teresa. Maria only reinforces Teresa's distinguished character in a combination so personal that she has not lost strength despite its use.

8. Maria Angeles. The combination of a name of Hebrew origin plus another of Greek origin is already familiar to us among the frequent names in Venezuela. In this case, Angeles may be the name indicated for your girl for that meaning of announcer of good news.

9. Elizabeth. It is the English variant of a name of Hebrew origin. In Spanish it can be equivalent to both Isabel and Elisa, but Venezuelan families prefer this spelling because it gives their girls a sophisticated and different touch.

10. Maria José. We are facing a compound name of Hebrew origin that is tremendously familiar to us because it is one of the most popular in the entire Hispanic world. Without a doubt, the name exudes strength and personality in that combination of a very feminine name and a masculine one.

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