Nutritious creams and purees for children

Nutritious creams and purees for children

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Vegetables have myriad benefits for children, but many children refuse to eat them whole. Therefore, creams and purees are a fantastic alternative for children to consume vegetables easily.

Since, we offer you some fantastic recipes for creams and purees that will make your first dishes a varied, healthy and nutritious menu at any time of the year.

Avocado, zucchini and broccoli cream. Nutritious recipe full of vitamins, zucchini, avocado and broccoli, ideal for children but also for the rest of the family. Discover how to prepare this rich cream step by step.

Chestnut cream and red sweet potato. Chestnut cream and red sweet potato recipe for the first course of the Christmas meal for the whole family. It is a healthy and light recipe for Christmas with which you will surprise everyone.

Beetroot cream, pumpkin seeds and asparagus. We teach you how to make a healthy, nutritious recipe full of vitamins. As main ingredients, beets, pumpkin seeds and wild asparagus.

Mushroom cream. We teach you how to make a mushroom cream for babies from 1 year. You can take advantage of the autumn, high season of this succulent delicacy. Mushrooms have many beneficial properties for children.

Cream of chicken and pear. We teach you how to make a homemade chicken and pear cream or puree for your baby, for the children and the whole family. A curious mixture of sweet and salty that everyone will love. The chicken provides the protein while the pear provides fiber and good sugar. Follow our recipe and you will not regret it.

Spinach cream. We teach you how to make, step by step, a delicious spinach cream for your baby. Spinach has many benefits for children. Among them, the amount of iron and fiber that it provides, but remember that they are recommended from the year. Recipe for the whole family.

Eggplant and tomato puree. How to prepare a puree or cream of aubergines and tomatoes for babies from 1 year and children. We tell you the ingredients that you will need as well as how to prepare step by step this recipe for a nutritious vegetable cream full of vitamins, for babies and the whole family.

Cream of broccoli. If you want the recipe for a puree or cream of a rich and healthy vegetable, follow this recipe that our site offers us. An easy, simple and very quick recipe to make. A creamy, quick recipe that babies, children and the whole family will love.

Carrot and ginger cream. Creams and soups are the ideal accompaniment to a dinner on the coldest days. This recipe for low fat carrot and ginger cream for kids is easy and healthy.

Cream of zucchini. How to make this zucchini cream recipe, with many vitamins. our site offers us a recipe for a simple, light and very healthy dinner, ideal for children and pregnant women. Easy zucchini cream recipe for kids.

Cooked puree. To take advantage of the remains of the stew, try this recipe for stew puree for children, very healthy and with a different flavor, you will have a healthy and economical dish.

Cream of leeks. Leek cream recipe for children's Christmas Eve dinner. Leek cream, a traditional recipe for Christmas food. easy recipe for vichyssoise, healthy leek cream for children.

Asparagus cream. One of the simplest and lightest soups that we can prepare for babies and children is asparagus cream, an easy and nutritious recipe for children.

Pea cream. Pea cream for children. A delicious pea cream that will not only provide vitamins to pregnant women and children, but is also an exquisite, attractive dish that is very easy and quick to prepare for children. For dinner or a family meal. We teach you how to make a pea puree for your children.

Sweet potato and zucchini pué. We show you how to make a zucchini and potato puree for six-month-old babies. Sweet potato and zucchini puree for children. Zucchini and sweet potato cream for babies. On our site, you will also find a lot of proposals for puree recipes for babies and children.

Green bean puree. Simple and nutritious puree recipes for babies. Vegetable creams for babies from six months of age. How to make a green bean puree, step by step, for the baby. our site brings us an easy and simple recipe for green bean puree for both babies and children to learn how to eat vegetables.

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