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Biography in the story of Frida Kahlo that encourages children to excel

Biography in the story of Frida Kahlo that encourages children to excel

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Frida Kahlo is a woman worthy of admiration, an example of self-improvement from which children can learn to fight and make an effort to get out of the most complicated situations. Read with your children the biography in the story of Frida Kahlo, one of the most beloved Mexican artists. We have accompanied this story with some educational and reading comprehension activities for the little ones in the house.

Guillermo and Matilde were happy living in their blue house in Coyoacán, a city in Mexico, watching how Frida and her other daughters grew up healthy and strong.

- Dad, will you let me take a picture? - they constantly asked their father, a photographer by profession.

One day when I was about to turn six Frida began to find herself very ill.

- What's wrong with Frida? - asked her sisters.

- Frida has polio. It is a disease that affects the spinal cord - explained their mother, very concerned.

Since that day the little girl's life changed. Every day she was subjected to long rehabilitation sessions, medical consultations and, to top it off, the affected leg was much thinner than the other and she did not have time to be with her friends.

One day looking out the window he saw some children playing football.

- Frida, do you want to play soccer? - Her father encouraged her, always looking out for her.

Although it was not common for girls to play sports and play soccer, Frida did it every day with great determination, so that her legs would regain strength and mobility.

One day she told her parents decided:

- I want to be a doctor!

Although it was not normal at that time for girls to study medicine, her parents supported Frida, as they always did, and encouraged her to do so.

One morning at the age of nineteen going to his classes he had a horrible accident: a tram hit the bus in which he was traveling.

Again, Frida's life changed drastically.

Forced to stay in bed for a long time, the painful nights seemed endless; he found no comfort in his new situation. They had to operate on her thirty-two times.

One afternoon when she was a little more animated, she remembered the paintings that her father had in the studio.

- Can you bring me the box of paints? - he asked his father.

The next day, looking to entertain, Frida started painting and it turned out that in the brushes, in addition to entertainment, he found a way to express all the pain he was feeling.

Although his physical condition was very deteriorated, with time and the care of his parents he recovered.

He continued to unleash his creativity; above all, painting self-portraits, faces with a deep and painful gaze, and scenes in which she represented herself in important stages of her life trying to escape from her harsh reality.

Little by little she was recognized in the world of painting. Met Diego RiveraAn artist very famous for his murals, she married him and went to live in the United States where she was as popular as her husband; it was an unhappy marriage.

At the end of his life they had to amputate a leg and he died in his blue house, nowadays a museum that bears his name.

But Frida also found another way to express her feelings in writing. He showed the whole world that despite adversity and his miserable life, She was a strong, brave and admirable woman.

Find out if your children have understood what you have read and if they were paying attention. Here we propose some reading comprehension exercises. Remember to adapt these activities to the age of your children so that they are not too easy or too complicated.

1. 'True or false' exercise
We start these exercises with some 'true or false' questions. For questions that are not true, ask your children to correct the sentences so that they are true.

  • Frida was ill when she was a child.
  • The little girl Frida gave up and stayed in bed instead of struggling to get her legs working again.
  • Frida fell in love with painting because it allowed her to express her feelings.
  • Frida married Diego Rivera, who was a plumber.

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2. Order the fragments of the story
Here are some phrases related to this biography in short, which are messy. Will your children be able to order them according to the story you just read?

  • She married Diego de Rivera, another very famous painter.
  • Bedridden, she learned that she could express her pain and how she felt through painting.
  • Frida became ill and also had an unfortunate accident.

3. What was Frida like?
With this exercise you will be able to check what idea your children have gotten from the text you have read and, in addition, you will be able to practice one of the lessons that the little ones learn in the language course: adjectives.

From what you have read. What qualifying adjectives would you use to describe Frida Kahlo?

'Frida Kahlo was ...'

4. Discover the infinitive of these verbs in the text
And, continuing with the language classes, we propose to your children an exercise with which to work on verb tenses. We extract some conjugated verbs from this story biography so that the children can try to find out what their infinitives are.

For example: 'were' comes from the verb to be.

  • Would do
  • Reached
  • Carries
  • They will study

And, from this short story about the life of Frida Kahlo, we can take advantage of it to propose other very interesting activities to children. With them we will be able to stimulate their curiosity and bring them closer to the passionate history of art.

- Study the works of Frida Kahlo
The first activity that we can propose is to study some of the artist's works. Just look on the Internet or in any encyclopedia we have at home to find some of the most famous Frida Kahlo paintings such as 'The two Fridas' or 'Henry Ford Hospital'. In general, these works tend to be very impressive for children (and for adults as well), but they help us to make the life of this artist and her pictorial style a little more known.

- Make your drawings how the children feel
As we have been able to read in this story, Frida Kahlo managed to express her pain through painting, which offered her comfort. This idea invites us to organize a very interesting exercise for children. We should build a quiet environment at home, maybe put on some music, and give the little paintings and paper. We just have to ask them how they feel at that moment and invite them to capture that emotion in their drawing. The results will be more than interesting!

- Learn more about Mexican culture
In case your children don't know too much about Mexican culture, this may be a great time to organize an immersion evening in Mexico. Find out more about some of the most remarkable traditions, watch some movies based on the area (kids love 'Coco') or make some tacos and other delicious recipes.

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