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The princess of fire. Love story for children

The princess of fire. Love story for children

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Stories are stories that convey ideas, messages, or values. In this case, The fire princess is a children's story that talks about the great power of love to change things. Take advantage of the stories to educate your child in essential values ​​such as love, friendship and sincerity.

Once upon a time, there was an incredibly rich, beautiful and wise princess. Tired of bogus suitors who came to her for their riches, she had it published that she would marry whoever brought her the most valuable, tender and sincere gift at the same time.

The palace was filled with flowers and gifts of all kinds and colors, incomparable love letters and poets in love. And among all those magnificent gifts, he discovered a stone; a simple and dirty stone. Intrigued, she summoned whoever had given it to her. Despite her curiosity, she was very offended when the young man appeared, and he explained himself by saying:

- That stone represents the most valuable thing that I can give you, princess: it is my heart. And it is also sincere, because it is not yours yet and it is hard as stone. Only when it is filled with love will it soften and be more tender than any other.

The young man quietly left, leaving the princess surprised and trapped. She was so in love that she carried the stone with her everywhere, and for months she filled the young man with gifts and attentions, but her heart remained as hard as stone in her hands.

Discouraged ended up throwing the stone into the fire; at once he saw the sand melt away, and from that rough stone a beautiful figure of gold emerged. Then she understood that she herself would have to be like fire, and transform everything she touched by separating the useless from the important.

During the following months, the princess set out to change in the kingdom, and as with the stone, she dedicated her life, her wisdom and her riches to separate the useless from the important. It did away with luxury, jewelry, and excess, and the people of the country had food and books. Those who dealt with the princess, were delighted by her character and closeness, and her very presence conveyed such human warmth and passion for everything she did, so they began to affectionately call her 'The Princess of Fire'.

And as with the stone, its fire broke the hard crust of the young man's heart, which, as promised, turned out to be so tender and just that it made the princess happy until the end of her days.

And after reading the story of 'The Fire Princess', another great moment arrives: discovering what parts the little ones have understood and clarifying any other doubts they may have! And it is important that they learn to read, but also that they understand what they have heard or read.

- True or false questions about the story
What the princess wanted to do?
a) Get married
b) Make a house

What did the young man give the princess?
a) A chair
b) A stone

What emerged from the object that the princess threw into the fire?
a) Much smoke
b) A figure of gold

What did the townspeople start to have?
a) Food and books
b) Internet access

- We change the ending
And colorín, colorado ... this story is not over! Because even though we love this ending, how about we make up a new one? You can tell your child to think about it for a few minutes and either write it down on a piece of paper (that's how they practice writing) or recite it orally. You too can create your own story ending!

- Order the parts of the story
Help help! We don't know what happened, but this story has gone crazy and ... everything has been messed up! Can you help us to place the different phrases so that everything is understood?

1. It turned out to be so cute and fair that it made the princess happy until the end of her days.

2. He made it known that he would marry whoever brought him the most valuable, tender and sincere gift at the same time.

3. The princess set out to change in the kingdom, and as with the stone, she dedicated her life, her wisdom and her wealth to separating the useless from the important.

4. The young man quietly left, leaving the princess surprised and trapped.

Developing creativity, fostering imagination, increasing vocabulary, strengthening the bond with parents ... There are so many benefits for children to read stories that we cannot stop encouraging you to keep doing it. If the topic you want to work with him or her is related to the emotion or feeling of love, take note of these stories.

- Guantín and Guantón
There are many types of love and this is important for children to know. There is the affection he feels towards his parents, his friends, his grandparents, but also towards his siblings. They will probably fight a lot, like Guantín and Guantón, but they should also know that if the other were not there, nothing would be the same!

- From smile to smile
Love can be shown with kisses and hugs, but also with small gestures such as a smile. Can you imagine what would happen if we couldn't smile? Something similar happened to Patricia, the protagonist of this story. Luckily everything ended well! (And it's not a spoiler).

- A bunny like the others
This story is great to read with children, because each time they listen to it they can extract different messages. On the one hand, the power and effect that love has on people; and, on the other hand, why should we not laugh at others or ridicule ourselves.

- The Iceberg Man
Love and affection is essential for a person to develop fully. What is a child like when he is older when he has not received love in his childhood? The answer can be found in this short story. Tip: after discovering its protagonists, Carmelo and Damián, you can establish a conversation with your children about what love is and the importance of giving and receiving affection.

Did you like this tale of 'The fire princess'? And your little ones? If you want to continue working on this value with your children through reading, you cannot miss the selection of poems and fables that we have prepared for you.

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