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Saint Valentine's Day, February 14. Names for boys

Saint Valentine's Day, February 14. Names for boys

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Valentine is a name for boy of latin origin which means 'he who is strong', with all the sense of robust and healthy. It is a well-known name, but rare and that makes it ideal for your child, who will carry an original but not extravagant name with great connotations of love. Celebrates his birthday on February 14, which is Valentine's Day.

Due to its meaning, Valentine implies a strong and vigorous personality, capable of giving everything for those he loves. He is, therefore, a sensitive person who attaches great importance to friendship and family unity. His capacity for effort is more than rewarded by all the successes he has achieved, also with the help of great intuition.

The name of your son is known throughout the West and has hardly any variations. The Catalan Valentí and Italian Valentino form undergo a certain change and his feminine is one of the most attractive and seductive names for girl, Valentina, who is more popular than Valentin.

It is in its Italian variant where we recognize more renowned characters, such as the prestigious fashion designer Valentino recognized worldwide for the elegance and sophistication of his dresses. Also from Italy comes a star, this time from the world of motorcycling, such as Valentino Rossi, a true champion who has achieved triumphs in all categories.

But the popularity of your son's name we owe it to Valentine, that third century priest who secretly married a multitude of couples. And it is that at that time there was an imperial decree issued by Claudius II that prevented and prohibited men who were soldiers from marrying because, by doing so, their physical characteristics diminished and they could not fight the enemy.

His fame crossed the borders of Rome and, how could it be otherwise, reached the ears of the emperor, who angrily decided to send him to jail until the day of his execution. During the time he was locked up, the priest fell in love with Julia, the jailer's blind daughter. And the miracle was worked, because the girl recovered her sight.

On the eve of his death, the priest left a letter to his beloved with the signature of 'Your Valentine'. And she, in correspondence and to remember him forever, planted an almond tree of flowers next to his grave. The death of Valentine occurred on February 14 and, since then, he has been the patron saint of lovers. In his honor, Valentine's Day, or Valentine's Day, is celebrated, a tradition that today is widespread throughout the world.

Did you know that Valentine's Day is known in some countries as Valentine's Day and in others as the Day of Love and Friendship? Generally, a gift is offered to the couple with a red rose, the universal symbol of love, or to a friend with a yellow rose. Some people prefer to opt for a white rose as a symbol of peace.

Another curiosity is that, although the saint of celebrates on February 14, everything that is related to love is not celebrated the same in all countries. Take note of some peculiarities.

- In Brazil Valentine's Day is celebrated on July 12 and couples give each other gifts or cards.

- In Bolivia This whole ritual of giving gifts, flowers and chocolate to other people takes place on September 21, the date that coincides with the beginning of spring.

- In colombia, the Day of Love and Friendship is celebrated in September.

You look at that ultrasound of your baby and you can't stop thinking what it will be like. Will you laugh a lot? Will you stand out for your values? Will you have many friends? You will discover all these traits over time or perhaps before, and there are some characteristics of his personality that are already marked by his name or, better, by a number. And it is that if you add the digits that hide behind Valentin (V-4, A-1, L-3, E-5, N-5, T-2, I-9 and N-5) until there is only one, the result will be 5. And this is what numerology says about him.

- Positive traits
We are not going to tell you that he is going to leave home when he turns 18, but we do warn you that children who are governed by the number 5 are very lovers of freedom. They are very independent and autonomous and do not like anything or anyone to tie them up. On the other hand, they are very funny and sociable, which will allow them to have a very extensive circle of friends.

- Negative traits
Aware of the easy ability to relate to others, they can become somewhat elitist children when it comes to choosing who they go out with and who they go in with. It will be your turn to show and teach them values ​​such as tolerance and respect and that we are all equal, regardless of our origin, gender, religion. On the other hand, they get angry easily, especially if they are not the center of attention and there is someone else who takes the limelight from them.

Have you chosen Valentine for your baby because it is a very loving name? Do you want your child to wear a special name related to love? You have to know that there are more romantic names for boys.

  • Eros. It represents love in Greek mythology, but also fertility. Some theories say that he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares, although others suggest that his parents were Poros and Penia.
  • Cupid. Who is the person in charge of launching the arrows of love? Cupid! And it is that he is considered one of the gods of love according to Roman mythology.
  • Connor. Irish name meaning 'love and friendship'. He was made popular by singer Sinead 'Connor and for being one of the characters in the movie' Terminator '.
  • Romeo. William Shakespeare chose this name for the protagonist of one of his great masterpieces. Romeo and Juliet is the story of two lovers who, due to the opposition of their families, cannot enjoy their love. Before living without each other, they prefer to kill themselves.
  • Paris. This Trojan prince was able to seduce and fall in love with Helen of Troy, hence the name of Paris is always linked to love.

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