Keys to knowing if children are lazy, lazy or procrastinating

Keys to knowing if children are lazy, lazy or procrastinating

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Our children will show us at some point in their lives, a face that we will not like and this will be because we do not want them to be like that or because we do not know how to help them. One of the dreaded words that haunt the dictionary of Children's Emotional Intelligence is procrastination or procrastination. But, would you know how to differentiate if your children are lazy, lazy, or procrastinating? We talk about it all!

Have you ever heard the word 'procrastination'? It refers to that moment in which we put aside an important task to do a less important one or postpone the task until the last moment. This task you do will be less relevant, but it will give you more pleasure.

For example, when our children leave homework until the last minute because they prefer to play the game console. Or when we have to write a report or read, and what we finally do first is look at social networks.

And, indeed, this issue is not only about our children, we also practice procrastination. It is important that we know how procrastination works for two fundamental reasons:

- Because we can help our son to get through this moment or to learn from himself without feeling bad when he is procrastinating, that is, we help our child to know and understand himself better.

- Because we can be calling our son lazy or lazy when we really don't know that he is in procrastination mode.

The fundamental difference between the procrastinator and a bum is that the former will spend the day doing things, maybe not in the order they should, but they do things. However, lazy or lazy does the minimum, the fair or even nothing.

Some experts on the subject explain that procrastination can become a psychological disorder, closely related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which leads us to think that it has nothing to do with a lazy person. However, there are other psychologist specialists, who focus the concept more on a character trait more than in a psychological disorder.

Whatever its most successful field, what we want, as parents, is to help our children overcome these moments or trends and above all, to understand why it happens to them.

To do this, we are going to distinguish three causes that lead us to procrastinate:

- The first one is the procrastinator who has a lack of motivation.

- The second cause is that the task seems too complicated to carry out.

- And the third, the one that shows indecision about the task to be carried out.

- In addition, there is talk of a fourth cause, which is when overconfidence in one takes you to work at the last minute because you think working under pressure is more fun for you.

So, we can meet three groups of people: those who avoid the task, those who seek pleasure or those who are optimistic.

The low self-esteem and insecurity of procrastinating people will make their productivity or even their relationships, can become disappointing, since people will not trust what they can do or be.

If you have detected in reading this article, that something of this happens to your child or even to yourself, we can do several things:

1. The first one is go to a specialist to help you solve this situation that could be chronic or eventual.

2. The second is help your child identify what kind of procrastinator it is, if it were, and for this, we recommend reading specific books or articles on the subject.

3. And finally, help your child to do tasks that they like combined with those that take more effort so that they feel good with both and try to avoid becoming procrastinated.

Remember that you are the example for your children to follow! And that the more love you put into what you do, the better role model you will be ...

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