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Saint Vicente Ferrer's Day, April 5. Names for boys

Saint Vicente Ferrer's Day, April 5. Names for boys

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Vicente is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the victor'. It is one of those names for boys that belongs to the same family as Victor, so both names can give your child the lucky star he needs in life. If your child was born an April 5, You can add another name to it, Ferrer, in honor of the saint who celebrates the name day that day, San Vicente Ferrer.

Vicente is a very nice name for a boy because it sounds very sweet, because it has a long tradition and because today it sounds different, since it is not as frequent as others. But, in addition, we like it because it pays homage to Saint Vicente Ferrer.

On April 5, the saints celebrate the day of San Vicente Ferrer, in honor of the day of the year 1419 in which this saint died. If you live in Spain, especially in the Valencia area, it is very likely that you have already heard about it. And it is that it is a Dominican, philosopher and preacher highly revered in this Spanish area. So much so that it is the pattern of Valencia.

He is usually represented with a raised finger, since it is said that this was how he caused several miracles to occur. He tried to spread the religion by traveling to many European cities preaching. There were many faithful who accompanied him on these trips who, in order to have their sins forgiven, flagellated themselves on the back.

Given the great legacy that he left throughout Europe, today he is a very remembered saint.

Although it is perhaps the most celebrated saint, April 5 is not the only date on which this name celebrates its name day. Next we talk about the other two days in which you also have to congratulate those called Vicente.

- January 22, the day of Saint Vincent the martyr. This 3rd century saint from Aragon (Spain) was a clergyman who suffered torture for defending his Christian faith. As a symbol of his martyrdom, he is usually represented with a millstone and a crow.

- September 27, day of Saint Vincent de Paul. Also known as Saint Vicent de Paul, he was a priest born in France in the late 16th century. He is the founder of the Conferences of Charity and of the Congregation of the Mission. Throughout his life he worked to help the poorest, the peasants, to have a better life.

Now that we know who San Vicente Ferrer was, we are going to know some of the curiosities about this name. If you are thinking of calling your baby that, surely you will like to meet them.

1. Variants of the name for boys Vicente
The name Vicente is known all over the world with different variants, all of them very attractive to your child. Vincent, Vin, Vinny or Vicenzo are the best known forms. If we talk about the feminine name from this name, we have Vicenta. Although it is less common than the masculine form, it was used in countries like Spain. In areas like the Valencian Community, Vicente is a fairly frequent name. On the other hand, the most used diminutive for Vicente is Vice or Vicen.

2. Famous people named Vicente
The name of Vicente has become popular in very distant countries thanks to characters of today and always, such as the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, the French actor Vincent Cassel or the American actor and producer Vincent D’Onofrio.

The arts seem the field where the name of your son has been represented the most. Thus, we meet the Spanish flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo, the Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, fundamental to the literary, journalistic and political culture of the Spanish, and the poet Vicente Aleixandre, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in year 7.

3. Vincent-inspired places in the world
Did you know that there are several cities in the world that bear his name in homage to a saint named Vicente? For example, San Vicente in the Nayarit region of Mexico or San Vicente de Raspeig in the Alicante region of Spain.

4. Ideas of compound names for boys
It is true that Vicente is not one of the most common names to form combinations (like, for example, Juan or Jose). However, here are some nice ideas: Luis Vicente, Jose Vicente, Juan Vicente, Vicente Luis or Jorge Vicente.

The number that numerology gives to the children called Vicente is number 6. We get this figure from the sum of the values ​​of each of the letters that make up this name. This value is obtained according to the position that these letters occupy in the alphabet. In this case V (4), I (9), C (3), E (5), N (5), T (2), E (5) add up to 33. If we add these figures again, we arrive at the number 6.

Taking into account the number assigned to each child, numerology explains some common personality traits. In the case of the children of number 6, as is the case of Vicente, we have to talk about generosity, empathy, altruism and kindness from the heart.

Vicente owns a dynamic and jovial character. Of great sympathy, he is the king of social relationships, being a natural seducer thanks to his charisma and magnetism. In addition, Vicente is hard-working, tenacious and courageous, and he is not afraid to assume responsibilities to protect his loved ones. On the other hand, his restlessness leads him to undertake new challenges that usually end with great success.

And if we talk about Vicente Ferrer as a name for your son, we cannot stop talking about the philanthropist Vicente Ferrer Moncho. This Jesuit missionary helped (and continues to help now through his foundation) thousands of people, mostly in India. Below, we have collected some of the most beautiful phrases attributed to him. They sure make you think.

- My job is to achieve impossible dreams.

- The important isdo good.

- You think you come to save the world, but what you come is to save yourself.

- The heart is split in two. With one half, the man loves himself and with the other half, he loves others. This heart is a continuous guide. He always says to do good. If within you the love of yourself is greater than the love of others, then you will make many mistakes.

- You have to train your mind and spirit to know how to live in peace amidst the storms of the world.

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