Homemade and easy recipes with canned tuna

Homemade and easy recipes with canned tuna

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He canned tuna It is a perfect resource to prepare recipes for the whole family. Beyond sandwiches and sandwiches, we can prepare other dishes that everyone will surely like.

One of the benefits that we obtain from eating canned tuna is that we are introducing Omega 3 fatty acids to the menu, very important for the development of the child, and it is also a high-protein fish.

On our site we offer you a selection of recipes, both for lunch or dinner, and even for appetizers, in which we have used canned or canned tuna. Follow our recipes:

Tuna volcano for appetizers. How to make tuna volcanoes or volauvent for an aperitif or a party. We teach you how to make, step by step, some original and simple tuna canapes.

Tuna burger. A simple recipe to make, inexpensive and simple, ideal to get parents out of trouble at lunch or dinner for children. Easy canned tuna burger recipe for kids. An ideal recipe to attract children's taste for fish.

Tomatoes with tuna and cheese. Italian cuisine is one of the favorites of children, so you can experiment with this recipe for children of tomatoes stuffed with tuna and Italian pomodoro

Creamy canned tuna risotto. Creamy tuna risotto recipe. our site offers us a recipe for rice with tuna for children. An easy, fast and very inexpensive recipe, both for lunch and for children's dinner.

Canape of tuna with cheese. How to make a tuna canape with cheese. Very simple starter recipe. We teach you how to make a very classic canapé with which you will surely be successful.

Canned tuna cake in the microwave. How to make tuna cake easily and quickly in the microwave. Recipes for children prepared in a short time. Tuna is

Spirals with canned tuna. When you have to organize a birthday party or of any other type, choose the spirals stuffed with tuna, a recipe for children with which you will succeed. easy tuna rolls recipe

Chickpea salad with tuna. Prepare at home this delicious recipe for chickpea salad with tuna, especially for children. An easy, fast and very cheap recipe to make. A recipe rich in fiber, in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, both for lunch or dinner for children.

Tuna toast with tomatoes. Children's snacks should be nutritious and balanced, that's why we propose a children's recipe for tuna toast with tomato. Learn how to make this omega-3-rich toast quickly and easily.

Tuna and corn dumplings. We propose a recipe for children of still baked dumplings, nutritious and delicious at the same time for the whole family's dinner. Easy tuna dumplings recipe for children. How to make baked dumplings.

Empanadillas with canned tuna. Recipe for dumplings stuffed with tuna to celebrate Valentine's Day. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe to make for children's lunch or dinner.

Tuna risotto with tomato. Children tend to love the most typical dishes of Italian cuisine, and this recipe for children for tuna and tomato risotto will become one of their favorites.

Tuna snack. This tuna sandwich provides vitamins and protein for your child. A low-fat snack recipe that you can make for lunch at school.

Pasta Salad With Tuna. Easy recipe for pasta salad with vegetables and tuna. The pasta salad with tuna is ideal to take on a picnic or family trip. Easy recipe for pasta salad with tuna, a quick and nutritious dish for children

Tomatoes with canned tuna. On hot days we can organize a family picnic and prepare this recipe for children of tomatoes stuffed with tuna and basil, a quick recipe.

Pizza with tuna. For a dinner, lunch, or birthday party, this Tuna Corn Pizza Recipe is a great choice. Perfect for cooking with children and enjoying with the family. Step-by-step pizza recipes

Salad with tuna. Celiacs find it very difficult to cook, but there are rich and healthy options like this gluten-free rice salad with tuna and apple for celiac children. On our site we teach you how to make a rice salad with apple and tuna.

Canned tuna lasagna. Tuna and vegetable lasagna is an economical and nutritious recipe, a variant of the traditional dish that children like so much. Easy fish lasagna recipe for kids.

Thanks to its high index of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and of fatty acids such as Omega 3, tuna is a very beneficial food for the health of children, pregnant women, and everyone. We tell you some advantages of using tuna in the family recipes:

  • In case of treating a fatty fish, tuna is very suitable for those who have respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis. It is a fish that can alleviate the symptoms caused by these problems.
  • Tuna contains good cholesterol and this contributes to avoiding cardiovascular diseases and complications. Strengthens the heart.
  • Its high index of vitamin D helps and facilitates the absorption of calcium in the bones, thus promoting the growth of children
  • Due to its high level of Omega 3, tuna offers protection against degeneration of the eye. It is very good for the health of the eyes.

Omelet or tuna omelette. The tortilla stuffed with bonito is a typical dish of Spanish cuisine, with traditional ingredients. It is an easy and very quick recipe to prepare for both lunches and snacks for the little ones in the house.

Fish croquettes. Simple recipes are the most successful, so we propose some fish croquettes, a quick and healthy dinner for children. Fish croquettes recipe for children. We teach you how to prepare, step by step, some hake croquettes or other white fish.

White fish puree with vegetables. This soft puree of white fish with vegetables contains everything you need to be a healthy and balanced dinner for your baby. A homemade recipe for children with many vitamins. This rich and healthy fish puree can be introduced in the tenth month of the baby's life.

Fish meatballs. How to make healthy and quick fish meatballs for dinner or children's lunch. A good way for children to eat and taste the vitamins in fish. our site teaches you how to prepare some exquisite fish meatballs, step by step, with that easy and very simple recipe to prepare.

Fish ceviche. Ceviche, ceviche or sebiche is one of the star recipes of Peruvian cuisine. In this case, our site has prepared a fish ceviche, a dish that consists of marinated fish with a lemon dressing. Learn how to make a fish ceviche, step by step. Peruvian recipes for the family.

Cod grilled. Portuguese recipe. Bacalao al bras, dorado or cod al douro recipe. our site teaches us how to prepare a typical Portuguese dish, very simple to prepare and very tasty to taste. The Portuguese prepare cod with straw-cut potatoes, onion and eggs.

Simple fish soup. With this simple fish soup for sick children you can give your children a healthy food with a soft diet but that is tasty. Fish soup recipe for children. Easy recipes with fish for children.

Varied recipes with salmon. Easy recipes with salmon for children. The most popular fish recipes for children Easy and healthy dishes with salmon for children. Teach Kids to Eat Fish with These Salmon Recipes

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