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Stories for children. The mountain and the bird

Stories for children. The mountain and the bird

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Learn and tell your children this beautiful children's story that talks about the value of friendship, loyalty and love, between a bird and a mountain. offers us a story, authored by Beatriz Montero, who has kindly given us the lyrics of the story and has recorded this video for the children. Enjoy this sweet story with the whole family, and learn the advantages of having friends.

Many years ago, in a very distant place, lived a lonely and barren mountain. The mountain was terribly lonely. He watched the sun rise and set, day and night. The seasons passed:Spring, summer, autumn, and winter and no one approached her. He saw the clouds go away, and how the rain fell silently. Still, the mountain tried to communicate by speaking aloud:

- Hooolaaa! Hooolaaa!

But no one answered him, until one day, while he was watching a flock of birds flying by, suddenly, he felt one of those birds go over his shoulder. And they began to talk ... The little bird told him stories of the places he had visited, the things he had seen, and what it was like to dominate the skies and conquer space. The mountain listened raptly, but the day soon came when the little bird had to rejoin his flock and continue his journey. But he promised to come back next year with new stories.

The mountain sighed and waited impatiently for the bird to return.

And the following year, the bird kept its promise. And he kept doing it year after year, telling exciting stories of everything he had seen. And so the mountain no longer felt sad or lonely, because it had a friend who was faithful and loyal to it.

However, the bird grew older and one day he said to the mountain:

- I am getting older and next year my wings will no longer be able to withstand such a long journey. So this will be my last visit, friend.

The mountain, sad and sorry, almost began to cry. But the bird consoled her by saying:

- Don't worry, my children will come to visit you and they will tell you about their travel adventures.

The rain fell silently again, and the clouds receded after the mountain. Until one day a flock of birds reappeared near her and three young birds perched on her shoulder and began to tell her new and curious stories. They were the children of the mountain friend bird.

And that is how the mountain was never left alone again. When the three birds got older, they sent their children to the mountain to keep them company, and then they were their children's children ... And the mountain has always been able to tell with the company and the stories of its little friends.

And colorin colorado this story is over...

Guiainfantil has the pleasure of publishing a popular tale about loyalty and friendship. A version written and narrated by the writer Beatriz Montero.

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