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39 Interesting Short Sayings About June For Kids To Learn

39 Interesting Short Sayings About June For Kids To Learn

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Popular sayings are ideal for learning a moral of the most special thing that is transmitted from generation to generation. On our site we have compiled a few short and popular sayings that tell children about the month of June. Tell your children about them and tell them about the meaning of each one of them, it will be the best way to bring them closer to the rural world and the experiences of their ancestors.

Proverbs are those short phrases that only popular wisdom teaches us; brief teachings that come to mind just at the right time. That is why we want to show your children the popular sayings that they are an ode to the month of June. You will see that more than one sounds familiar to you from having heard it from your grandparents when you were a child.

Most of the sayings refer to weather or climatology. But keep in mind that the climate is different on every continent. In the northern hemisphere, it is in June when spring comes to an end and gives way to a hot summer (the summer solstice arrives on June 21), so many of these sayings they refer to the weather mild and to planting and harvesting that depends so much on those sunny days.

To make it a bit more entertaining for your children, in addition to teaching them the saying and saying its meaningWe suggest that you have a debate at home about whether you agree, if they have understood it correctly or if they liked it.

We must bear in mind that some proverbs are difficult for the smallest of the house to understand. As indicated in 'Understanding the meaning of sayings in schoolchildren' (by Rubiela Aguirre for Educere, Universidad de los Andes), popular sayings summarize an experience or an idea, so it could be considered a unit of content, since it has meaning by itself. However, often, to fully understand its meaning, it is necessary to go beyond the linguistic, something that can be difficult for children, since they do not yet have enough knowledge.

Let's see all these popular sayings of the month of June! What is your favorite?

1. No deception, the night of San Juan is the shortest of the year
The night of San Juan, which is celebrated on June 23 or 21, is the shortest of the year, from there the sun begins to set a little earlier each day. There is also this other saying that refers to the same thing: in June the twenty-first, it is as long as none.

2. Sunny and bright June, puts you in a good mood
Who does not put in a good mood the June sun? Ask your children what they like best when they go out to sunbathe.

3. Until the fortieth of May, do not take off your coat; in case instead of by right, it comes sideways
The date in question is June 9. The saying goes that until then cold days can come.

4. Swallow in low flight, announces rain in the sky
This popular saying for the month of June is a source of knowledge because it tells that insects with hygroscopic wings fill with moisture, the same moisture that swallows seek to find, if they fly low, there will be storms and rains.

5. In June very hot, it never scares the farmer
At the end of June, in the northern hemisphere, the heat is tightening, many are uncomfortable, not the farmers who collect the crops. Talk to your children about the important work they do.

6. In June drink and sweat and look cool
Another saying of the popular proverb that tells us about the climate, in many countries is a foretaste of the hot summer that is to come.

7. May and June make a month, the best of the year is
Do you also get the impression that May and June are almost, almost the same month? Ask your children how they differ from one another.

8. Neither summer until San Juan, nor winter until Christmas
San Juan and Christmas somehow mark the beginning of summer and winter. What good dates to celebrate as a family!

9. June is all day, children, young and old have more energy
Well yes, it turns out that in June we all tend to have much more energy. We will have to take advantage of it!

10. Bright June, abundant year
If the sun shines in this month the harvest year will be very rich. This proverb can become the perfect excuse to talk to children about the importance of the sun for plants.

11. In the month of San Juan, bread is baked in the sun
The old-fashioned bread, the one that only grandparents knew how to make. Popular sayings are perfect to bring two generations closer, that of grandparents and grandchildren.

12. June sky, clean like none
The June sky shines in many cities, don't forget to observe it every day!

13. Waters in June, misfortune
It used to be said that the June rain was a bad omen for the rest of the year, had you heard it too? Is this string of words true?

14. Good sun at the beginning of June, year of vegetables
As you can see, much of the popular proverb makes mention of sowing, do not stop sharing these valuable teachings with your children.

15. Cabañuelas in February, June rains certain
Cabañuelas, a traditional method of predicting the weather, were often cited by grandparents, depending on whether they were in January and February, that's how hot the summer would be.

16. When June comes, the sickle in the fist
This popular saying talks about farmland, tell your children if they have understood its meaning well.

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What do you think of these popular sayings and sayings of the month of June? Surely more than one you know it well and that many others have surprised you. We continue!

17. In April, thousand mushrooms, in May cart mushrooms; April for me, May for my master, June for my horse
What fun! If it even seems like a tongue twister. Tell your children to see if they can say it from memory.

18. June at first rainy, announces hot summer
So it is in many cities of the world.

19. June grana the wheat fields, if April and May rained to the taste of the mayorales
The rains in April and May bring good fruit.

20. May dry, June watery, everything will come upset
Weather changes are not always good. Did you know that through games we can also teach meteorology to children?

21. June clear and cool, blessed for all
We always look forward to hot days with great enthusiasm, but if a cool June comes, it is also appreciated.

22. Rainy San Pedro, thirty days dangerous
San Pedro is celebrated on June 29 (the same day that San Pablo is celebrated). And they say that if it rains that day it will also rain the following.

23. If June comes alone, the fruit leaves the hands
Tell your children how seasonal fruits are picked during the month of June.

24. In April, tall; in May, granado; in June, mowed; in July, trite, and in August, bedridden
Yes, you are correct, it refers to cereals. How rich!

25. Bad if for San Bernabé it has not stopped raining
The calendar of the saints reserves the 22nd of June for Saint Barnabas. Do you agree with this popular saying?

26. Dark May, light June
Or put another way: brown May, clear June. Enjoy with your children the sunny days of June!

27. If it rains in June, it snows in winter
If it rains in June in the northern hemisphere, it is very likely that in winter you will see snow.

28. Capricious June, or drought, or flood
June can be a month either very dry or very rainy, there is no middle ground.

29. Thirty days brings November with April, June and September, less febrerillo the mocho who is only twenty-eight
A popular saying that can help you explain to your children how the calendar works.

30. If it rained well in May, dry to June it brought out
As a general rule, if it rains in May, it will not fall in June.

Did you think that there were few sayings that spoke of the month of June? Nothing of that! Look at all the ones we have put together in this compilation, sure your children don't get tired of listening to one after another.

31. Early June water, great evils remedy
The rains at the beginning of this month are the ones that best irrigate the crops.

32. June storm hits like a fist
It has always been said that in this month there can be sunny days and also hail, will it also be like this this June?

33. For San Julieta, the rain more than give away
We go to the calendar of the saints again to find out that Santa Julieta is celebrated on the 16th, the date on which many horticultural plants mature, if it rains a lot, they will most likely spoil.

34. At the end of June, stop singing the cuckoo
Birds, like the cuckoo, migrate around these dates. Perhaps a story about this bird will catch the children's attention.

35. Water in June, no fruit or grass in July
If it rains excessively, the fruits that are collected in July will not be so good.

36. Apart from good things, in April lilacs, in May roses and in June poppies
Spring and summer flowers are the most beautiful that exist. Have your children draw a picture of each of these flowers. How good it will be for them!

37. April snails for me, May snails for my brother and June snails for none
How about a song about snails to sing with your kids?

38. Barley for March, firewood for April, flowers for May and wheat for June
Each thing in its own time, another lesson that is well worth explaining to children.

39. When June comes, oil the sickle and sweep the era
Do you get the meaning of this saying? Your grandparents and parents know it, talk about the field and the land, now it's time to tell the children.

Sayings, in addition to being very popular and making us think, are a source of knowledge of the life of yesterday and today, we hope that you have liked our list of popular sayings for the month of June.

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