Breastfeeding helps reduce stress for mothers

Breastfeeding helps reduce stress for mothers

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The benefits of breastfeeding are multiple for both babies and mothers. And it is that in addition to helping us to recover the body and prevent future diseases, Breastfeeding helps reduce stress for mothers. Isn't it cool? And it is that breastfeeding never ceases to amaze us.

Continuously as women we are subjected to a burden not only physical, but also psychological and emotional (and for many economically as well) in an important way. We take care of the housework, that everything runs smoothly in our family.

On a professional level, an arduous work that can undoubtedly become very exhausting, generating in one way or another a stress that many times we do not know how to identify, but that we do project with our feelings and our day to day life.

Once we become mothers, we feel even more committed to that little being who takes away our sleep, but who at the same time fills us with the greatest joy that we could experience in our lives. We don't mind exhausting and exhausting nights spent most of the time (if not all) with that rapidly growing baby.

Yes, There are times, many times, that we say that 'I can't take it anymore, I'm stressed', even more if you have to face motherhood for the first time. Now, depending on how you handle all these situations of daily life and that are part of motherhood, it could bring positive or negative results to your emotional and psychological well-being, even being able to go beyond stress and be able to generate maternal depression or also known as postpartum depression.

For some mothers more than others it generates a lot of stress to be able to comply with everything, but not everything can be bad ... Did you know that breastfeeding helps reduce all that stress that mothers are continually subjected to? And it's breastfeeding never ceases to amaze us!

Perhaps you knew that breastfeeding has innumerable benefits on the health of the baby, but did you know that it also has benefits for the mother and for society? The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that breastfeeding be exclusive until 6 months of age and, if possible, maintain it until 2 years or more.

This precious liquid that feeds your baby for its normal growth and development also has the ability to help you reduce the stress to which you are subjected, since when you are in contact with your child, establish skin-to-skin contact, look him in the eye, smelling it and stroking it triggers the release of substances in your body known as hormones: prolactin and oxytocin.

The first has the job of producing milk for the baby, and the second, called the love hormone or the caress hormone, is what allows the milk to flow from your breasts. It not only has the role of feeding the baby, but its release generates pleasure, a feeling of well-being, relaxes you, calms you ... it reduces your stress!

In fact, the publication 'Basic concepts about breastfeeding', prepared by the United States Department of Food, specifies the benefits that this act has for the mother: it can help her recover faster from childbirth, it reduces the risk of get type 2 diabetes, some types of breast and ovarian cancer, and can lead to weight loss after labor.

As the baby latches more on to the breast to feed, the peaks of these hormones become greater: there will be more prolactin to ensure the baby's nourishment and, in turn, more oxytocin. As the latter is the pleasure hormone, it will make you feel good, calm, calm, free of stress and negative emotions.

But, in addition, breastfeeding a baby causes cortisol levels to decrease (a hormone that rises in your body in situations of stress and anxiety), which will make you feel better, be calm and improve your temperament.

It is clear that breastfeeding will help you a lot to improve your mood, through the different hormones that are activated. Do not doubt your body, it knows you and works perfectly.

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